Why Use Sola Dental Spa for your Dental Needs

Whether you have needs for dental implant or you’re ready for your routine cleaning, Sola Dental Spa is here for all of your needs. We know that when you require a smile makeover, you want to go with a team that is dedicated to the health of your teeth. Each patient will be unique and […]

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zoom teeth whitening

Why Use a Cosmetic Dentist

You may only think of functional reasons to visit the dentist. However, don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentists will enhance the appearance of your smile, and we always work in a relaxing atmosphere so that you get a spa experience. We can take care of procedures […]

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Oral Health

We Are Your Local Staten Island Dentists!  

Whether you have a toothache or you simply want to show off the most beautiful smile possible, you’ll need to have the best dentist on your side. Finding a dentist in Staten will the first step to achieving relief and a stunning smile that you can be proud of. However, be sure you know that […]

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The Consequences of Avoiding the Dentist

Many people avoid the dentist for different reasons from busy schedules to being afraid to not including it in their budget. However, you should be aware if you and your family skip out on this important part of your health, that there will be a few consequences. Whether you want cosmetic dentistry performed or you […]

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Clear Aligners (Invisalign)

What to Look for in a Staten Island Dentist

It can be hard to choose the right dentist in Staten Island, as there are quite a few local dentists around the area. So what do you look for in a Staten Island dentist? How do you find the best dentist in Staten Island for you? Here are some of the most important things you […]

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dental floss

The importance of dental flossing

Dental flossing is one of the greatest tools for taking proper care of teeth health because this seemingly simple tool gives the user an opportunity to clean the surfaces that can’t be reached with the toothbrush. These are the areas located right between two teeth and right under the gum line. Flossing, together with brushing, […]

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Healthy Mouth = Healthy Body

Did you know that a healthy mouth means a healthy body? There is a direct link between oral health and overall health. We are a Staten Island dentist who can provide you with a healthy mouth to help keep your overall health in check. Here are some reasons why going to your dentist in Staten […]

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