Can Dentists Whiten Teeth?

You have probably seen plenty of at-home whitening techniques, and these may seem like the best solution for teeth whitening. However, you may wonder if the results will be the same versus if a dentist did it for you. If you have ever wondered, can dentists whiten teeth? The answer is yes! Beyond teeth cleaning, a dentist can perform whitening treatments that will leave you with a confident smile you are proud to show off. Here we look at a few of the reasons that you should have the best dentist in Staten Island achieve your whitening goals versus at home treatments.

You Get the Skilled Eyes of the Professionals

A cosmetic dentist has the skilled eye to see the trouble spots and understand what level of treatment you need. Each person is unique in how much dental cleaning in Staten Island they require, and the professionals take this into account so that you get the white smile you have been hoping for. When you attempt this at home, you may find that you just can’t reach that white that are going for. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that you have a dentist that puts your oral hygiene and teeth cleaning first, so the treatments are safe as well as effective.

Under Dentist Supervision, More Effective Whitening Techniques Are Used

When you involve a cosmetic dentist, you get to take advantage of more effective treatments for whitening. They can customize the process for you and use stronger methods than you can find over the counter. The best part is that the treatments that cosmetic dentists provide can be done at home or in office depending on your particular needs. You can ask the dentist about the best teeth whitening methods for you, and they will review the options.

The Teeth Whitening Process Will Be Faster

Not only will the dentist’s teeth whitening process be more effective than doing it yourself, but the process will also be faster. Going to a professional will speed up the whitening process and this can benefit everyone. Whether you have a big event coming up like your wedding, you give presentations often at work, or you are getting back out into the dating world, going to the dentist for whiter teeth is the ideal way to achieve your goals. The treatments are convenient and you can reach out today to learn more about professional teeth whitening.