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Oksana was thinking about her teeth ...for a long, long time but work and family affairs always seemed to take precedence. When the time was right, she decided to visit Dental Spa & Beyond to see what the beyond was really about. The ad says beyond imagination and it was. I was amazed by the environment and atmosphere... the minute I walked through the door. The aromatherapy, spa music, massages, backrubs. This was the complete package. But the facility just set the stage for the main event. Oksana knew 100% exactly what she wanted — a bright Hollywood smile. Dr. Gershkowitz did a smile makeover on Oksana including upper and lower veneers. The results were evident right away, and they were flawless. My whole smile changed before my eyes. The doctor is such a perfectionist. Her nature and personality and creativity drive her. She wont get up from the chair until she knows it is her best work. Dr. Gershkowitz is one of a kind. She made me feel very special.Oksana has been surprised, not only at how she feels about herself but with how others treat her. In the mirror, I cant get enough of myself, I am so pleased. And from the moment I left Dental Spa & Beyond, absolute strangers in Manhattan will stop me and compliment me on my smile. How could I be happier? I have the Hollywood wow factor.

dental veneers before after

Julia needed to do something about her older fillings that had thinned the surface of many of her teeth. She had heard many good things about Dr. Gershkowitz experience level and reputation. After consulting with Dr. Gershkowitz she seized the opportunity to enhance her teeth with porcelain veneers. Julia expected to be a bit anxious, but was relieved to feel quite the opposite. I was never as relaxed in a dental chair as I was at Dental Spa & Beyond. The whole experience was a good one from the moment I arrived. The combination of technical expertise and aesthetic detail impressed Julia who was surprised at the level of customization. Dr. Gershkowitz made my smile especially for me totally unique in color, style and shape. She doesnt have a set formula where the same smile is manufactured over and over. Julia didn't feel the full effect of the change until she saw her new, perfect teeth. While she was never really self-conscious before the procedure, she describes her confidence skyrocketing. I feel ridiculously wonderful. People treat me different because I smile... even in the morning. I catch myself looking at my reflection in every mirror and shop window I can't help myself. Julia will be flashing that smile down the aisle on her wedding day this fall. She credits Dr. Gershkowitz with doing the most important job for the most important day of her life. They say that everything has two sides, but that is not the case with cosmetic dentistry. There is no down side, only positive. Your whole outlook changes with a perfect smile. Julia recommends Dr. Gershkowitz to anyone considering cosmetic dentistry. Absolutely see Dental Spa & Beyond and no one else. They are the best. Their attention to detail makes all the difference.

Mary dental veneers
Mary came to Sola Dental Spa office questioning her existing dental veneers.  After carefully designing and performing smile makeover procedure with Sola Dental veneers by Dr Anne Gershkowitz, she now enjoys her new stylish look.  Mary's new look greatly fits her personality.
Mary dental veneers
Anastasia was concerned with her appearance. She had old bondings on her front teeth which started to fail. I recommended and proceeded with cosmetic procedure involving porcelain veneers. She had no idea that she could have such a gorgeous smile in just two visits. Her acting and modeling career has taken off since she can smile with confidence.
Brent is a happy and outgoing young man. He was concerned with the fact that he could not express his personality through a smile. He had a big midline diastema (gap) and worn, chipped edges. He was extremely pleased with his new smile that was achieved by porcelain veneers and professional whitening.
Irene was specifically concerned about her gummy smile. She simply thought the placing veneers on her teeth would solve the problem. I explained to Irene that I had to correct her gummy symmetry to gain a natural and symmetrical smile. Irene's gum line on her right was positioned too low in her smile and needed to be adjusted. Once the gum levels were correctly aligned I was able to achieve this outstanding makeover results with porcelain dental veneers.
Gerlynn is a beautiful, talented and outgoing individual. She was looking for an immediate change in order to improve her smile. She is now very successful in her modeling career and competes in regional beauty pageants. This treatment is a combination of veneers and porcelain crowns. I wish her GOOD LUCK!
Sherry came to us for a cosmetic consultation. She was suffering with a permanent staining on her teeth due to the tetracycline intake. She was very pleased with the results achieved utilizing porcelain veneers that offer a natural beautiful bright smile.
Oxana flew from Moscow, Russia after seeing and admiring our results on another happy patient of Dr Gershkowitz, Dental Spa & Beyond. Her smile makeover consists of porcelain laminate veneers, dental implants and ceramic crowns. Happy smiling, Oxana!!!

Irina came to us for cosmetic enhancement. She was looking for ideal proportions, symmetry and permanent improvement of her teeth shape. Since I've completed her case with 12 upper and 10 lower dental veneers, she can't stop smile with confidence.

Q: How would you describe your experience at Dental Spa & Beyond? How did we make you feel? Amazing. I have always felt looked after. Staff is fantastic and very friendly. Dr.Gershkowtiz is the best!

Q: Would you recommend Dental Spa & Beyond to your close ones? Why? Of course. I am bringing my sister to start Invisalign because I would not look anywhere else. Emilia B., London, UK

Cristina came to us for a cosmetic consultation. She was absolutely against any orthodontic treatment. Christina sincerely informed us that she is extremely unsatisfied with her smile and requested immediate results. We visually and esthetically changed her smile with porcelain veneers without altering her bite. She was childishly amazed with the makeover.

Maxine was missing a front tooth. Her beautiful and bright smile was achieved by combination of porcelain bridge and 3 laminate veneers. Her bottom teeth were whitened with one hour in-office bleaching.

Kathleen has never expressed herself through her smile. Her request was simple - I would like to smile and laugh out loud. Please help. This smile makeover was achieved by combination of porcelain veneers and ceramic crowns.

Jennifer is a very busy young woman. She was on a tight schedule and was looking for immediate improvement of her smile. I gave her 10 upper porcelain dental veneers, 1 porcelain crown and powerful professional bleaching of lower teeth.

Combination of porcelain dental veneers, ceramic crowns and 1 hour professional Zoom2 teeth whitening.

Priya was very unhappy with her smile. She had short teeth and gaps between them. I gave her a gorgeous bright smile that fits her personality.

This beautiful woman was waiting for a long time to get a smile of her dreams. She took her time upon selecting the right cosmetic dentist, and once she found one, she didnt mind to travel across the globe to make her dream come true. Kimâs beautiful smile was achieved by combining 8 porcelain veneers on the upper teeth and professional whitening on the bottom. Enjoy your new smile, Kim!

Robin was suffering from severe sensitivity due to excessive use of home whitening systems. That caused substantial weakening of the dental enamel, dental structure as well as chipped edges on some teeth. She was looking for immediate results to improve her shape, shade and most importantly decrease her discomfort. Robins smile makeover with eight dental porcelain veneers eliminated her initial concern.

Carolyn was referred to us by another happy patient of ours. She had a few consultations before and was lost in choosing the right dentist. She was missing two lateral permanent incisors and was given a few treatment options. Carolyn's dazzling new smile is a combination of lava bridges, dental porcelain veneers and professional whitening. We are happy to see her smiling again!!

Bobbi is a great mother of two gorgeous children and an amazing woman. Her dazzling new smile is a combination of lava bridges, dental porcelain veneers and professional whitening. We are happy to see her smiling again!!

Max was suffering from gummy smile. He was looking for a drastic change. His new smile consists of gum lift, 12 porcelain veneers, ceramic crowns, professional whitening of the lower teeth.

Anna knew exactly what she wanted. Im tired of covering my mouth all the time when I want to laugh out loud, she said. She was looking for immediate results, however Anna needed to be treated for periodontal disease in order to build the proper foundation for beautiful smile. Her smile makeover consisted of periodontal treatment, soft tissue grafting and combination of porcelain veneers, porcelain and zirconium based crowns and bridges. Enjoy your smile, Anna!

Dr. I. Vayner is a second generation pediatrician. He glows with kindness and happiness. His new smile consists of 12 porcelain veneers.

Ed is young and talented individual. Unfortunately traditional braces left scars on his teeth. He realized that smile is very important element in his appearance and requested an immediate lift. His new smile is combined by upper and lower porcelain veneers.

Lina is a talented and amazing artist/photographer. Enhancing beauty and seeking for uniqueness is her motto. Her smile makeover consists of Invisalign, porcelain dental veneers and professional teeth whitening.

Albert was very motivated to correct the rotated and crooked teeth and wanted to accomplish this as soon as possible. Once I completed my evaluation I decided to do 10 porcelain laminates on the upper teeth and 10 porcelain laminates on the bottom teeth.

Lindas smile makeover consists of combination of porcelain veneers, ceramic crowns / bridges, dental implants and professional teeth whitening.

Julia was suffering with periodontal disease that caused her to loose all upper teeth. She had traditional periodontal surgery on the bottom teeth and porcelain veneers. She is enjoying her new smile with upper implants supported overdenture.

Szilvie was deeply concerned with her smile. She was looking for the right cosmetic dentist and finally found one. After completing necessary general dentistry procedures such as cleaning and root canal, I started cosmetic dental enhancement consisted of porcelain dental veneers, ceramic crowns and bridge. Enjoy your smile!

Xiao came to see me with very specific concerns about her teeth and smile in general. She wanted to improve the color of her teeth which were severely stained from tetracycline. I had placed 8 porcelain veneers on the upper and 8 porcelain veneers on the lower teeth. After the final insertion she immediately rushed to buy herself a new bright lipstick to compliment her new smile!!!

Doria is a speech therapist, and needless to say she was looking to improve her smile and achieve beautiful natural results. She had a hypocalcification, condition that affects the outside of her teeth, which was making her teeth more porous and prone to fracture. Her new smile consists of 12 porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns, as well as professional whitening. Enjoy your new smile!

Denise is from New Jersey, and was referred by another happy patient of mine. She was looking for a new start in her life. Her front tooth was severely discolored and needed a root canal procedure. She wanted to improve the overall condition of her teeth, improve minor crowding and address the decay due to the leaking old bonding. Her smile was achieved by 10 porcelain veneers, 1 porcelain crown on the upper teeth and professional whitening of her lower teeth. Keep smiling, Denise!

Kristine is bright, happy and pleasantly outgoing person. Her treatment was completed within 1 year and consisted of general dentistry, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry procedures. The final results were achieved by Invisalign, ceramic crowns, veneers and professional whitening. Well be missing you!

Ceramic bridge Professional whitening.

Implants Veneers Crowns

Porcelain Veneers Bridge Routine Dentistry.

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Procedures performed - dental implants, porcelain veneers.

Smile Makeover with Porcelain Veneers.

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