Having My Glass Half Full.

40’s is the new 20’s I can attest!

My Glass is half full. I haven’t always felt this way. I would see my glass as half empty at best. Maybe you are already there looking on the bright side of life, but if not I hope my story inspires you to look at life differently.

My outlook changed in an instant. I was going through a hard period in my life, not to say before this I was a positive person, but this was an especially difficult time. I was merely existing , not living, not making the most of life. My Brother came to my rescue and gave me a motivational course to listen to. It awoke something in me and I suddenly became alive wanting more for myself and others. I even went to a seminar and walked on fire! It was then I knew for sure I can do anything, I can overcome any obstacle that comes my way.

I not only changed mentally and spiritually, but physically too. I lost 85lbs and am in the best shape of my life in my 40’s! I feel so blessed I realized that I too can change lives! I Thank God for everything I have, my body, my family, friends and my patients!

Let’s look at my professional life. I can’t make everyone walk on fire, but I can give someone extra confidence to go into the world with a smile that could change the course of their day, week and even their life ! Smiling has shown to improve mood and attitude, if you don’t have a motivational speaker to listen to, try just smiling! It really could change you into glass-half-full thinker!

There’s research to back up my feelings, that attitude and smiles really can change your future. In Australia , a study of 1000 people found more than half agreed an appealing smile was either “important” or “very important” when it came to first impressions. First impressions count! It could be a job interview or someone special!

The University of California at San Francisco researchers found that mimicking the facial expressions associated with such emotions as happiness (smiling) can trigger some of the same physical changes produced by actually feeling these emotions. By measuring biometrics; heart rate, temperature, and the electrical resistance of the skin, smiling made the body “happy.” Moving facial muscles sends signals to the nervous system, which controls certain muscle and gland activity. This makes the body react. So, smile even if you are feeling down and you’ll be happy and positive!

Smile and the world will smile back! It has been shown that other people’s smiles can actually suppress the control we have over our facial muscles, compelling us to smile. The same study notes it’s very difficult to frown when looking at someone who is smiling! Smiling can also make us look good in the eyes of others. Recently a Penn State University study found that when we smile, we not only appear more likable and courteous, we’re actually perceived to be more competent.

Think your glass is half-full not only will you feel happier, you could be healthier and wealthier according to Susan Segerstrom a Psychologist, her study found that ten years after graduating, law students who were optimistic earned more than their glass-half empty thinking peers.

So you see a positive outlook and a wonderful smile really can change your life, I wish that every one of my patients leave Sola Dental Spa with an uplifted spirit and the confidence to go out and change their world! If you are not a Sola Dental patient, follow me anyway and I’ll try and give you weekly insights and ideas all touched with positivity and of course… a smile.



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