Oksana veneers - Sola Dental Spa

Oksana was thinking about her teeth …for a long, long time but work and family affairs always seemed to take precedence. When the time was right, she decided to visit Dental Spa & Beyond to see what the beyond was really about. The ad says beyond imagination and it was. I was amazed by the environment and atmosphere… the minute I walked through the door. The aromatherapy, spa music, massages, backrubs. This was the complete package. But the facility just set the stage for the main event. Oksana knew 100% exactly what she wanted — a bright Hollywood smile. Dr. Gershkowitz did a smile makeover on Oksana including upper and lower veneers. The results were evident right away, and they were flawless. My whole smile changed before my eyes. The doctor is such a perfectionist. Her nature and personality and creativity drive her. She wont get up from the chair until she knows it is her best work. Dr. Gershkowitz is one of a kind. She made me feel very special.Oksana has been surprised, not only at how she feels about herself but with how others treat her. In the mirror, I cant get enough of myself, I am so pleased. And from the moment I left Dental Spa & Beyond, absolute strangers in Manhattan will stop me and compliment me on my smile. How could I be happier? I have the Hollywood wow factor.