Julia needed to do something about her older fillings that had thinned the surface of many of her teeth. She had heard many good things about Dr. Gershkowitz experience level and reputation. After consulting with Dr. Gershkowitz she seized the opportunity to enhance her teeth with porcelain veneers. Julia expected to be a bit anxious, but was relieved to feel quite the opposite. I was never as relaxed in a dental chair as I was at Dental Spa & Beyond. The whole experience was a good one from the moment I arrived. The combination of technical expertise and aesthetic detail impressed Julia who was surprised at the level of customization. Dr. Gershkowitz made my smile especially for me totally unique in color, style and shape. She doesnt have a set formula where the same smile is manufactured over and over. Julia didn't feel the full effect of the change until she saw her new, perfect teeth. While she was never really self-conscious before the procedure, she describes her confidence skyrocketing. I feel ridiculously wonderful. People treat me different because I smile... even in the morning. I catch myself looking at my reflection in every mirror and shop window I can't help myself. Julia will be flashing that smile down the aisle on her wedding day this fall. She credits Dr. Gershkowitz with doing the most important job for the most important day of her life. They say that everything has two sides, but that is not the case with cosmetic dentistry. There is no down side, only positive. Your whole outlook changes with a perfect smile. Julia recommends Dr. Gershkowitz to anyone considering cosmetic dentistry. Absolutely see Dental Spa & Beyond and no one else. They are the best. Their attention to detail makes all the difference.
Mary came to Sola Dental Spa office questioning her existing dental veneers.  After carefully designing and performing smile makeover procedure with Sola Dental veneers by Dr Anne Gershkowitz, she now enjoys her new stylish look.  Mary's new look greatly fits her personality.
MY STORY Anastasia
Anastasia was concerned with her appearance. She had old bondings on her front teeth which started to fail. I recommended and proceeded with cosmetic procedure involving porcelain veneers. She had no idea that she could have such a gorgeous smile in just two visits. Her acting and modeling career has taken off since she can smile with confidence.
Brent is a happy and outgoing young man. He was concerned with the fact that he could not express his personality through a smile. He had a big midline diastema (gap) and worn, chipped edges. He was extremely pleased with his new smile that was achieved by porcelain veneers and professional whitening.
Irene was specifically concerned about her gummy smile. She simply thought the placing veneers on her teeth would solve the problem. I explained to Irene that I had to correct her gummy symmetry to gain a natural and symmetrical smile. Irene's gum line on her right was positioned too low in her smile and needed to be adjusted. Once the gum levels were correctly aligned I was able to achieve this outstanding makeover results with porcelain dental veneers.
Gerlynn is a beautiful, talented and outgoing individual. She was looking for an immediate change in order to improve her smile. She is now very successful in her modeling career and competes in regional beauty pageants. This treatment is a combination of veneers and porcelain crowns. I wish her GOOD LUCK!
Sherry came to us for a cosmetic consultation. She was suffering with a permanent staining on her teeth due to the tetracycline intake. She was very pleased with the results achieved utilizing porcelain veneers that offer a natural beautiful bright smile.