Tooth bridge vs implant in Staten Island

The loss of one or more teeth significantly reduces the quality of life and has a negative impact on a person’s condition. In this situation, people are faced with the choice of the best method of prosthetics – tooth bridge vs implant.

Which is better: tooth bridge vs implant? To make a balanced decision, it is important to research the features of both methods of dental restoration and contact a professional dentist who will recommend the best option. 

At Sola Dental Spa you can undergo a comprehensive examination and after the consultation the doctor will explain the pros and cons of the methods, talk about tooth bridge vs implant cost and choose the best option for you.

Which is better dental bridge vs implant?

The decision as to which is better, tooth bridge vs implant, is made on an individual basis. The doctor needs to assess the condition of the patient’s oral cavity, gather a detailed medical history and perform the necessary diagnostic procedures. Only then he can offer you a particular type of dental restoration.

To fix the bridge, the teeth adjacent to the defect are depulled and grinded down. Because of the incorrect load distribution, they gradually deteriorate and the jawbone atrophies. With an implant, all these problems are eliminated. It is inserted in the jaw without the involvement of healthy teeth and prevents bone loss. When choosing a method – bridge or implant, the patient should be guided not only by finances, but also by long-term results.

The chewing teeth are under a lot of pressure. Bridge prosthetics will be recommended only in situations that make implantation impossible. It is important for the patient to understand that the lifespan of a bridge on the masticatory teeth will directly depend on the condition of the dental supports, so therapeutic treatment is recommended before orthopedic intervention.

tooth bridge vs implantWhat is tooth bridge vs implant cost? Implants will restore not only aesthetics, but also preserve the function of the teeth. The placement of implants ensures proper distribution of chewing pressure, so atrophic processes do not occur.

When restoring front teeth, it is better to resort to implants. One tooth can be replaced with a single implant, which conserves bone tissue and ensures ideal aesthetics. It is possible to install a bridge on artificial roots in the absence of several teeth. It’s the doctor’s task to determine what’s best for the patient – tooth bridge vs implant.

If a patient has serious contraindications to implantation or serious limitations on financial resources, a classic bridge is the only option.

Which lasts longer tooth bridge vs implant?

Implantation will require a patient’s patience. It is important to note that the result is well worth it – the artificial teeth will fit in perfectly and will perform all the functions of natural teeth.

Implants are usually chosen when there is no desire to use removable prosthetic appliances. Many patients want to avoid having to grind down healthy teeth. However, tooth bridge vs implant cost also plays a huge role.

The life span of a bridge is 4-10 years depending on the material. Part of your natural tooth is underneath the bridge, and normal wear and tear can cause the bridge to fail over time. The remaining tooth structure will still be open to gum disease and tooth decay.

So, what to choose – bridge vs implant? Dental implant is more durable than a dental bridge. The metal titanium implant cylinder is durable and incredibly resistant to gum problems and tooth decay. A dental implant has a much longer lifespan of about 20 years minimum, and in most cases, they will last a lifetime. So you have to think carefully and decide which is better – tooth bridge vs implant.

Why get a bridge instead of an implant?

A bridge is an inexpensive, comparatively reliable method of prosthetics. But a bridge will need to be replaced after 4-10 years of use. The patient should be aware of the risk of bone atrophy under the bridge.

What is better: dental bridge vs implant? The placement of a classic bridge is worthwhile if the patient has a limited budget or absolute contraindications to the placement of an implant.

Absolute contraindications to implantation: uncontrolled diabetes, blood-thinning, cancer, severe bone lesions, allergies to local anesthesia, lupus erythematosus, tuberculosis with cavities in the lungs. Temporary include chronic diseases in the acute stage, bite abnormality, poor oral hygiene, pregnancy, lactation period.

bridge versus implantIndications for placement:

  • Minor defects of natural crowns within 4 units;
  • Minor chipping/cracking of adjacent units that require crowns;
  • Increased erosion, microcracks of enamel;
  • Absolute contraindications to the placement of dental implants;
  • limited budget.

When choosing the appropriate method of prosthetics – tooth bridge vs implant, there are some requirements and peculiarities to consider. The root system of the supporting teeth must be absolutely healthy to support the load of the prosthetic structure. Otherwise, caries, loosening and decay of the tooth unit will occur under the bridge. In this case the choice of bridge or implant is obvious.

Why is a dental bridge not recommended?

Fixing the implant allows restoring the dental unit without the risk of bone atrophy. A lifetime warranty on the titanium rod and the actual absence of complications make implantation a priority option over dentures. But patients still have doubts about their choice of dental bridge vs implant.

Indications for implantation:

  • Destruction of more than 60% of the natural crown, root defects;
  • Tooth extraction is required;
  • loss of a unit.

dental bridge vs implantImplants take the lead over bridges in terms of functionality. The titanium root prevents the loss of jawbone and does not require replacement throughout the entire period of use. What about bridge vs implant cost?

With prosthetics, there is a risk that the tooth underneath the prosthetic construction will eventually decay and will require an implant. To prevent negative consequences, it is better to immediately resort to implantation followed by crown fixation.

Is it possible to save money, how about tooth bridge vs implant cost? Before you save money on implants, think about the consequences. If the neighboring teeth are healthy, it is better to keep them because they will last longer than the crown. What to expect after the placement of the bridge vs implant? The shaved supports lose their aesthetics and function and in 10-15 years they will be unsuitable for repeat prosthetics – they will have to be removed and implants will be placed.

What is the downside of dental implants? Who is not a good candidate for dental implants?

Speaking about the disadvantages of dental bridge vs implant, it is worth noting the increased traumatic nature of the second one. The installation of an implant is a complicated procedure that requires careful preparation and strict adherence to a surgical protocol. However, new technologies make it possible to minimize all risks, and express techniques are performed in a minimally invasive manner. Besides, there are different types of dental implants.

The disadvantages of implants include:

  • Multistep preparation for treatment (health assessment, dentoalveolar diagnosis, oral sanitation, planning);
  • The risk of rejection and other complications;
  • high cost;
  • a long list of limitations to surgery;
  • long implantation time in case of classic method (4-6 months);
  • additional surgery may be required – soft tissue plastics, jawbone augmentation.

Implant vs dental bridge involves surgery, so there are more contraindications:

  • chronic diseases (blood diseases, CNS lesions, immune disorders, malignant neoplasms, type II diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis);
  • bone abnormalities in the jaw;
  • bite pathologies;
  • inflammatory diseases of the gums.

How to choose bridge versus implant? Implants are more expensive and take more time than dentures on your own teeth. But the artificial root will last 2 to 3 times longer, builds bone tissue, and does not affect healthy units. It is better to consider everything carefully more than once when choosing dental bridge vs implant. The bridge will last 10-15 years, and then it needs to be replaced – if the gum level has decreased or the supporting teeth have decayed during this time, additional treatment will be needed. It is better to put an implant once and forget about unnecessary visits to the clinic forever.