Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you – its part of your expression. A beautiful smile can enhance your appearance and increase your confidence. Smile makeovers are quickly becoming one of the least invasive, cost-effective, and dramatic ways to change your look.


Size, shape, and alignment of certain teeth can be achieved by dental porcelain veneers, bonding, cosmetic contouring or orthodontics.

Dental Implants

Missing tooth or teeth may be substituted with dental implants or dental bridges. Dental implants are a long-term solution. Preserve your natural look and smile. A face without teeth can sag and appear sunken and sad. Dental implants can help you maintain the natural shape of your face and smile.

Dental Porcelain Veneers

Decayed, broken, cracked, or chipped teeth may be addressed with dental porcelain veneers, bonding, porcelain inlays / onlays or dental crowns.

Unattractive Gaps

Spaces between teeth could be closed up with dental porcelain veneers, bonding or orthodontics.


Sola’s Cosmetic dentistry in Staten Island

What can Cosmetic Dentist do for you?

Improve or Correct Bites

Aesthetically appealing, removable clear aligners – Invisalign®, are today’s best choice over traditional metal braces orthodontics treatment.

Silver fillings

Old and unattractive may be replaced with tooth-colored fillings (composite resin) for more aesthetic and natural appearance.

Lighten the Color

Brighten the color of your teeth with cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening, dental porcelain veneers or bonding.

Gummy Smile

Through cosmetic dentistry the gum line could be raised through a procedure called, gum contouring. This dental cosmetic procedure could give a new improved outlook to your face.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Staten Island

Not everyone knows the difference between cosmetic dentistry and a visit to your regular dentist. A cosmetic dentist has all the training of a general dentist as well as additional education to address the aesthetic appearance of teeth. A cosmetic dentist in Staten Island specializes in providing dental care that makes the teeth look whiter, brighter, and more natural in appearance. If you have stains, cracks, gaps, or misaligned teeth, then a cosmetic dentist is who you would want to visit to correct these minor imperfections. Teeth whitening or dental veneers are two common procedures that a cosmetic dentist will recommend for improving the appearance of your teeth. A cosmetic dentist can also replace missing teeth with dental implants. Cosmetic dentistry in Staten Island is a great way to receive a complete smile makeover so you can have a smile that you will want to show off.

Do you have stains, blemishes, cracks, gaps, or imperfections that keep you from wanting to smile and show your teeth? If this is the case, co wider cosmetic dentistry to give you back the ability to smile with boldness. Cosmetic dentistry in Staten Island focuses on correcting problems with your teeth or gums to give you back your big, beautiful smile. Teeth whitening, dental implants, or dental veneers are all options for fixing areas of concern to give you the perfect smile. At Sola Dental Spa, Dr. Anne Gershkowitz is an experienced dentist in Staten Island who can give you a complete smile makeover so you can feel confident once again.

Cosmetic dentistry is not just about teeth whitening. In fact, teeth whitening procedures represent only a minor part of it. If you have a missing tooth, then dental implants are the solution. What if you have crooked teeth – Invisalign® clear braces can straighten them out. Cosmetic dentistry is not just about repairing your dental imperfections, but you can also receive a complete smile makeover.

Many variables come into play when determining how to design a gorgeous grin. Facial form, gum proportions, teeth shade, shape, and length must be considered.  Highly trained in procedures specific to aesthetic/cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Anne Gershkowitz offers her patients advanced clinical care with the hands and eyes of a true artisan.

To achieve the most ideal natural-looking smile, a cosmetic dentist may use a combination of smile makeover techniques.

Because each case is unique, a personal consultation with an NYC cosmetic dentist is the best way to determine which specific procedure will meet your goals.

Come to our Staten Island, New York state of the art Dental Spa facility for a consultation to learn about different cosmetic and restorative dental treatments available to you.

There are many insurance plans that will cover cosmetic dentistry procedures such as dental veneers or dental implants. Some dental insurances may cover some procedures but not others. For instance, fixing a chipped tooth in the front is considered cosmetic but is usually covered by most insurances. Some procedures may not be fully covered but could be partially covered by insurance. If you are unsure as to what your plan covers, consult your insurance company to find out in detail what type of cosmetic dentistry is covered and what your out of pocket cost may be.

At Sola Dental Spa, you will experience the very best in cosmetic dentistry care. Dr. Anne Gershkowitz is the best cosmetic dentist in Staten Island who is highly trained and experienced in all types of cosmetic dentistry procedures. Sola Dental Spa also offers the most advanced dental technology to help you look and feel your very best. Our talented dentists in Staten Island can provide a full range of cosmetic dentistry procedures, general dental treatments as well as restorative dental care all in one convenient place. Not only do we employ amazing Staten Island dentists, but Sola Dental Spa also offers a spa-like environment to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Cascading waterfalls and soothing light relax you while you wait. Complimentary refreshments and the music or movie of your choice are also always available. Our spa-like amenities and exceptional dental care make Sola Dental Spa stand out above all other dentists in Staten Island.

Minor tooth imperfections may not only make you self-conscious but can also cause further tooth damage if not taken care of. Cosmetic Dentistry is a great option to correct tooth imperfections and prevent future problems. Dental implants can take the place of missing or severely damaged teeth to prevent gum decay and bone loss. Veneers are bonded over the top of existing teeth to hide unsightly imperfections. Both options are long-lasting solutions to dental imperfections for improved oral hygiene and bringing back your beautiful smile.

Teeth can get stains and begin to yellow over time, losing their natural white color. Drinking coffee and alcohol and eating certain foods can make discoloration of the teeth worse. But you don’t have to hide your yellow teeth when you smile any longer. Teeth whitening at Sola Dental Spa can give you back your pearly whites. Staten Island dentists like Dr. Gershkowitz offer teeth whitening procedures to whiten teeth back to their natural color.

Dental veneers are another great cosmetic option to correct blemished teeth. Dental veneers are long-lasting permanent teeth the go over your existing teeth to hide any unsightly imperfections. A mold of your mouth is made to ensure veneers are an exact fit. Veneers are then bonded to the front of your teeth to give a whole new look. Veneers are recommended to fix teeth that are discolored, worn down, chipped or broken, misaligned, or have gaps.

If hide your smile because of imperfections, cosmetic dentistry may be the solution for you. At Sola Dental Spa, you can have peace of mind to know that you are in experienced and capable hands of the best cosmetic dentist in Staten Island. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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