Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is an application of composite tooth colored resin material to the damaged part of a tooth.

Bonding may be used as an affordable and fast procedure for closing tooth chips, to return to having the tooth’s shape or to make the shape of the teeth longer or wider. Once the bonding material is applied it is hardened with an ultraviolet light for a few seconds. As a result, the material “bonds” tightly to the tooth.

Dental bonding is used for:

  • Decayed teeth repair
  • Chip repair
  • To close the existing space (or spaces) between the teeth.
  • Teeth lengthening
  • Teeth shaping
  • Improvement of tooth color.
Chipped teeth and dental bonding

Note that bonding material is not as strong as your tooth so it’s a temporary solution. It lasts between 3 and 10 years depending on how well it is cared for. There are also other factors besides mechanical that affect the look of your teeth. With time teeth may change their color and the bonding material will stay the same color as it was when applied. There is also a chance that a tooth with bonding may change its color as a result of infection or trauma.

Dental bonding has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Time spent – everything can be done in one visit
  • Cost – the price for dental bonding is lower than other kinds of cosmetic teeth restoration.
  • Result – the bonded tooth looks natural


  • Temporary – usually doesn’t last long, between 3 to 10 years (if cared for).
  • Fragile – the material is weaker than your natural tooth and can crack or chip again or separate from the tooth.
  • Aging – bonding material will not change its color with the time but natural teeth can.

What Are the Alternatives to Dental Bonding?

Depending on the case it can be veneers, dental crowns or bridges. 

Can Bonded Teeth Be Whitened?

You may whiten your teeth but the bonding material will stay the same color as it was when applied.

Is Dental Bonding the Same as Filling?

  • The main purpose of a dental bonding is cosmetic – to improve the shape of your teeth.
  • The main purpose of a dental filling is treatment – to fill the tooth to stop tooth decay.

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