Dental implants aftercare. How to care for implants?

dental implants aftercareImplants give you the feeling of strong natural teeth. You can squeeze your teeth tightly, eat everything, talk, kiss, laugh happily… In general, enjoy life again in all its forms. But what about dental implants aftercare, what are the main recommendations?

Dental implant surgery at Sola Dental Spa is a very complicated procedure and proper tooth implant aftercare is very important. Dentists at Sola Dental Spa recommend strict compliance with individual recommendations. You should focus on oral hygiene and after care for dental implants not only after surgery but also after full healing of all elements.

How do I take care of my mouth after implants?

You need to pay even more attention to your artificial teeth as compared to natural teeth. If don’t take a good tooth implant aftercare and allow plaque to accumulate under the crown, microorganisms contribute to the formation of a pathological pocket around it, resulting in tooth mobility and tooth disintegration, or rejection of the tooth.

So that is why dental implants aftercare is very important. Brushing twice a day for 2-3 minutes, using an irrigator, floss, and preventive examinations at the dentist every 3-4 months are included in implant aftercare. You should eat more fruits, vegetables, and fiber-rich foods, and reduce your intake of simple carbohydrates and sweets. Of course, metal-ceramic or zirconia crowns are not sensitive to what you eat, but your diet affects the pH of your saliva and the condition of your natural teeth. And this directly affects the longevity of the implant, so please observe the aftercare tooth implant.

If you do not take dental implants aftercare, there is an increased risk of soft tissue inflammation. Left untreated, mucositis can lead to a more serious complication, bone resorption around the implant, and rejection of the construction.

What can you not do after dental implants?

No matter how well you take care of your mouth, it is impossible to completely get rid of plaque and tartar. That’s why follow after-care for dental implant surgery and choose the right type of dental implant. So once a year, you should undergo professional dental cleaning.

General after care for dental implants also includes some tips:

  • implants aftercareImmediately after surgery (1-2 days), refrain from warm and hot drinks, as well as overly hot food. This will help prevent vasodilation and possible bleeding.
  • During the first 10 days after surgery is not recommended to chew any food with your teeth and gum areas. In addition, dental implants aftercare recommends drinking any hot and cold drinks only through a straw.
  • In some cases, after the placement of the implant, there is dryness and formation of cracks in the corners of the mouth. In this case, dental implants aftercare suggests applying moisturizing creams and ointments to the problem areas several times a day.
  • Follow all recommendations.
  • It is not recommended to overdo it with sugar, sweets, carbonated drinks, too solid and dense food, and fast food.

Your doctor will give you more tooth implant aftercare tips, depending on your clinical situation.  Remember that following aftercare for dental implant surgery will help cope with the healing period.

How soon after dental implant can I brush my teeth?

Aftercare for dental implants says that it is not recommended to brush your teeth on the first day after surgery. When you can go back to the mechanical cleaning, you should use only soft brushes and gel pastes based on plants.

tooth implant aftercareBrushing teeth is carried out only in areas that are not close to the surgical area. Avoid excessive pressure on the gums and try not to touch the suture areas. Do not use an electric toothbrush at this stage, it may provoke a gap in the gum sutured.

Dental implants aftercare also suggests avoiding brushing (even with a soft toothbrush) and flossing in the first 10 days. Oral hygiene during this period should consist of regular mouth rinses with special antiseptic compositions.

Once you are done with your permanent crown, you can return to your regular oral hygiene routine and follow tooth implant aftercare. You may return to an electric toothbrush if you used one before. Brushing and rinsing should be done twice a day.

Can I kiss after dental implant?

Many patients are interested not only in the basic rules of dental implant aftercare but also in their ability to lead a normal life. Implants are a permanent solution. Once in place, you can eat and drink whatever you like, laugh, cough, sing, kiss, and even sneeze, and the implants will not move an inch.

However, immediately after the placement of implants, you must follow after care for dental implant surgery. It is only a few days when the patient should be very careful and refrain from daily plans. It is better to spend these few days at home and rest as much as possible. Rinsing your mouth, kissing, drinking fizzy drinks, or drinking from a straw is not allowed. In addition, tooth implant aftercare means that you should give up smoking for at least a few days (and if possible, forever).

implants aftercare tipsDentures practically replace natural teeth, so you can lead your usual life, following dental implants aftercare. Yes, you should be careful about the infections and injuries, and after a kiss, bacteria levels are known to increase significantly. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up kissing after having implants. Dental implants aftercare stops any complications and prevents infectious inflammation.

It is also not necessary to warn your partner that you are wearing dental implants. He or she won’t feel any change while kissing. Just enjoy life and have a big smile for people but remember to take good after care for dental implant surgery.

How can I make my dental implant heal faster? Dental implants aftercarcare tips

Of course, healing after dental implants takes time. You should not rush the rehabilitation period because the implant has to fully settle in. Follow all dental implants aftercare tips. In order to facilitate the recovery period after implantation and to heal as quickly as possible, it is necessary to follow aftercare for dental implants and doctor’s instructions.

Only patience and extreme caution during the first weeks after the placement of implants will help you speed up the recovery. Firstly, you should monitor your diet. Also avoid eating foods that are too hot or cold, strong or sweet, spicy or over-salty. Second, be careful when brushing your teeth, don’t floss or use electric brushes. These are the main dental implants aftercare tips. And thirdly, reduce physical activity, give up alcohol and smoking. Try to spend the rehabilitation period with maximum health benefits.

If the patient follows tooth implant aftercare, and the patient’s body reacts well to surgery, the implant begins to establish fully in a few months. For some people, the implant takes two months to take root, but for some patients, it can take six months.

How long does the pain last after a dental implant?

On average, this period takes 5 days and lasts up to a maximum of 11 days. That is, until the stitches are removed from the gum. And if the stitches have already been removed, but the pain continues, this is a reason for an urgent visit to the best dentist. Something is wrong with tooth implant aftercare.

tooth implant aftercare tipsGum swelling, slight bleeding, and a slight increase in temperature are common in rehabilitation after a dental procedure. But if the pain is too severe and the swelling is too pronounced, or the body temperature exceeds 38 degrees, this is a reason to seek immediate medical attention, because dental implants aftercare doesn`t help.

If discomfort and pain last no more than 7-10 days after prosthetics, with the intensity weakening with each subsequent day, it is considered normal.

Implants are very popular, but you should also think about after care for dental implant surgery. The artificial teeth look and function just like your native teeth. If you are thinking about having implants placed, come to our Sola Dental Spa for a consultation and initial examination, and then, our experienced dentist will be able to constructively discuss and make recommendations about dental implants aftercare. The doctor will also tell you about the benefits of having an implant placed individually for you, and the risks as well as explain in detail how the entire process will take place, and what are the main tips of tooth implant aftercare.