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Dental implants and dentures in Staten Island
Dentures on dental implants

The day for dental appointment arises for everyone. In most cases, the process is exciting and unpleasant. And when it comes to restoring a lost smile, prosthetics or implantation, it’s also scary. This uncomfortable feeling is due to the fact that the situation is individual as one not sure what to expect. Let’s try to make it so that you can discuss the suitable option for you as comfortable as possible with the dentist.

Having even only one missing tooth in a row can lead to serious negative consequences for your overall wellbeing starting with your mouth. It is necessary to solve the problem and restore lost dental units sometimes immediately. For restoration of lost teeth, modern dentistry offers different types of procedures – prosthetics and implantation. The most popular patient’s choices are the more affordable prosthetics, in which both fixed and removable types of dentures can be involved.

In terms of durability and fixation strength, non-removable dentures are the best option, however, their installation is not always possible, and then removable dentures can help restore the beauty of your smile. However, such orthodontic constructions are available in a wide range, and sometimes the patient finds it difficult to choose a specific type of prosthetics. This article is intended to help you find out all the useful details about removable dental implants and dentures. We will start with a detailed overview of all existing types of removable structures.

Orthodontic products for prosthetics can be either removable or non-removable. The key difference between the designs is that by choosing a removable denture, you can always remove it and put it on without the help of a specialist. Removable dentures have their own gradation into individual varieties, which is important to get acquainted with – this will help you make the right choice of a type of product. You should know that there are separate varieties of removable dentures for complete and single restoration.

If the patient has teeth in the rows and these units are absolutely healthy – for restoration, it is optimal to choose one of the existing varieties of removable orthodontic systems for partial prosthetics.

In partial prosthetics by dentists, designs are used that are equipped with a special type of fixture – clasps. At its core, clasps are miniature locks that attach to the jaw. Elements are made of a sufficiently strong metal wire, which guarantees the reliability of the fixation of a removable denture.

It is important to understand that partial prosthetics is possible only if units that can be used as a support for installing a removable prosthesis are stored in the dentition. Another important thing is that when choosing a prosthesis for restoration with a single adentia is that not all types of structures are aesthetic in appearance and therefore it is not recommended to use them for installation in the smile zone.

The classification of removable dentures in dentistry is also based on the material of their production. The material of manufacture of an orthodontic product is one of the key criteria for the competent selection of a removable prosthesis, since such important indicators as the comfort of using the structure, its reliability and durability depend on it. Below we will consider in detail all types of removable dentures according to the material of manufacture.

If you have chosen for yourself a removable denture on the valves – be sure to make sure of its quality. This can be done with a simple test: after installing the prosthesis in your mouth, try to bite something with it. If you feel the air coming out from under a removable denture, it means it is made with high quality and it will be comfortable to use it.

An acrylic prosthesis will not cause pain during operation if its base is firmly attached to the gums. Otherwise, soft tissue will have to be chewed, which will cause a process of their gradual atrophy and then deformation of the orthodontic structure itself.

Expert advice: Order the manufacture of an acrylic removable denture with an individual impression spoon – this will guarantee a tight fit to the tissues of the jaw and ensure its maximum fixation on the jaw.

Dental implants are needed not only in the complete absence of their own but also when the root is already quite badly destroyed. Some patients choose this solution because the prices for implantation are often lower than for the long and complex treatment with all related services that may be required. It is also worth considering that with serious destruction of guarantees there is no positive outcome. Therefore, dental implantation in Staten Island is often the best solution.

It allows you to achieve the following:

  • to solve any problems of the dentition, including coping with a situation when the teeth are completely absent;
  • get rid of pain and discomfort when chewing food;
  • normalize the digestive tract (problems with biting and chewing food cause further digestive problems);
  • save the remaining teeth, which are severely affected by the increased load;
  • restore normal facial contours;
  • guarantee clear diction;
  • achieve a beautiful and natural looking smile, which the patient will not be shy

Dental implants allow you to lead a full-fledged lifestyle. You may even be a candidate for All-On-4 procedure

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