Dental Implants Staten Island: why they need to be placed?

Tooth loss is not a pleasant thing no matter if it was due to age or some other circumstances. When it happens it is very important to act promptly and replace the missing tooth. Preferably with the dental implant. And here are several reasons why:

The troubles you are facing with when the tooth is missing

  1. The missing tooth is noticeable and it makes you uncomfortable to talk and smile.
  2. If it is a front tooth there may be a diction violation. Some additional sound may appear while you speak for example the whistle. Also, some letters you pronounce may sound different.
  3. If this is the side tooth you may bite your cheek from inside. And it is not only unpleasant also the inflammation may start.
  4. It becomes inconvenient to eat.
  5. The gums may start to hurt.

But the most serious problem is that right after the tooth is lost the jaw bone is starting to atrophy, it becomes narrower in the place where there is no tooth. And the sooner the dental implant (Staten Island) is installed the better.

Remember, the more time passes the more difficult or even impossible to avoid the consequences. Which are: other teeth start to move trying to take the missing tooth’s place and they may become crooked and cranky. The next issue it may bring is a malocclusion. Also, even 1 missing tooth may provoke the face changes – sunken cheeks, protruding chin, deep wrinkles around the lips.

Just think of how many problems you may avoid installing the dental implant in time. Because the consequences the missing tooth brings are much more difficult to fix.

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