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At Sola Dental Spa™, your experience is as high a priority to us as meeting your dental needs. Here, “spa” is a verb and an integral part of every treatment plan.

“Dental Spa” may seem counterintuitive to most patients who remember visits to the dentist as being cold and clinical. We have worked hard to create a one-of-a-kind ambiance that helps you forget the smells, tastes, sounds and surroundings of a conventional practice. When you visit you will see that “spa” is not only in our name, but is part of our mission.

What services can you expect?


Aromatic (lavender) Eye Pillow

Relaxation-hand Exfoliation Treatments/ Organic blend of pacific sea salts and essential oil of lemongrass

Calming Essential Oils

Aromatic Mules-hands

Tranquil Eyes- Eye Hydrating Therapy

Relax Water Therapy (Lavender & Aloe), calms nerves, easing stress and tension while moisturizing the entire eye area

Age Defense Water Therapy (Antioxidant, Green tea, Vitamin C, Honeysuckle, Aloe, Allantoin), aids in wrinkle relief, while moisturizing the entire eye area

Puffy Eye Water Therapy (Cucumber & Aloe), naturally relieves eye puffiness caused by lack of sleep, allergies, too much fun or a good cry

Paraffin Hand Treatments (Lavender), deeply hydrates and soothes overworked, dry hands.

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