How To Get A Hollywood Smile In Staten Island, NY?

Hollywood Smile In Staten Island

  • The Hollywood smile can make a breathtaking effect on anyone. Indeed, it is a golden standard for the red carpet in Hollywood. People watch celebrities who dominate the TV screens and movie scenes and they want to have the same pearly-white smiles. At Sola Dental Spa we know the importance of beautiful smiles in modern life. Healthy teeth can portray your character and accentuate your charisma.

Having perfect teeth will surely impact your life. Teeth are the first indicator of your both mental and general health. That is why finding a Hollywood smile dentist specialist can boost your life and self-confidence, especially for people who have to appear  in public. 

What Is Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile is a trend first, it’s the perfection standard for the ideal designed set of teeth. It is therefore the must have for most celebrities, models, and politicians. A professional dental clinic provides services to make your pearly-white smile possible. This dental procedure aims to fix any kind of dental impairments. Do not lose time to find a reliable clinic for your Hollywood smile near me


Such bright results can be achieved thanks to dental veneers. A dentist applies shell-like structures to the facade of your teeth. Hollywood smile veneers can be made of different materials depending on your preferences and budget. The main purpose of dental veneers is to minimize the teeth’ mishaps and make your smile stunning. 

A Hollywood Smile Procedure Includes The Following:

  • fixing teeth discoloration;
  • removing dental stains;
  • solving the issue of teeth deterioration;
  • fixing gaps between teeth.

An Average Hollywood Smile Cost 

The main factor that impacts the average Hollywood smile cost is the quality of utilized materials and the professionalism of a cosmetic dentist. The most affordable option for your future Hollywood smile is a composite veneer. This option has some cons due to its vulnerability to staining and strength level. An average price for a Hollywood smile ranges from $3000 to $5000. At  Sola Dental Spa we would recommend you the best treatment that fits you! You should consider all recommendations and choose the one that will last you for many years ahead. It is your investment into your self-esteem and wellbeing. You should get a professional consultation with a Hollywood smile dental specialist to choose the most compatible veneers option.

The Hollywood Smile Dental Procedure

Your dentist will break this procedure into several sessions. You start with a detailed consultation, which includes an examination of your teeth and jaw state. In case you have cavities, gum diseases, or infections, they have to be fixed properly starting the work on your Hollywood smile. The next step is to take the measurements and send them to a specialized laboratory to create the needed structures. As soon as units are ready, a Hollywood smile dental specialist schedules the final appointment for placing the veneers.

What Are The Types Of Dental Veneers?

A Hollywood smile dental procedure relies mainly on the structure of dental veneers. Modern dental clinics offer different types of veneers. Each type differs in costs and quality. You can choose a type that suits your financial plans.

  • Porcelain Veneers

This type is made of porcelain material, which is a thick structure of caps for covering your front teeth. It fixes any kind of aesthetic errors. Note that porcelain veneers require the filing of your teeth’ enamel. A dentist will file away around 5mm to have enough space to place veneers. 

  • Lumineers 

Many consider lumineers thanks to their super-slim shells. They look translucent. The biggest advantage of lumineers is that they do not require the filing of your enamel layer. It is the best solution if you want to have a lovely smile without scraping off a thick layer of your teeth. It is a way to boost the aesthetic appearance of your teeth.

  • Composite Veneers

When a dentist does composite veneers he uses similar material as dental fillings. The process of application is simple and pretty fast. It can be challenging for a dentist to match some characteristics, as they look like plastic.

Hollywood Smile 1

How To Take Care After The Hollywood Smile Procedure

You have to keep on practicing typical oral hygiene, as it is an essential factor to prolong your Hollywood Smile. Ask your dentist which toothpaste, floss materials, and antibacterial mouthwash are better to use. You should pay attention not to let any food particles remain under your veneers if you want to prolong the stunning effect of your Hollywood Smile.

What Are The Advantages Of A Hollywood Smile Dental Procedure:

  • Long-lasting results: with proper oral care and hygiene, these thin tooth shells can last around 20 years and more. 
  • Fast results: if you have crooked/uneven teeth, veneers can give stunning results. 
  • Gum-friendly: a Hollywood smile procedure (veneers) does not affect your gums and minimizes your teeth sensitivity.
  • Natural teeth look: the goal of Hollywood smiles is to make your new teeth look natural and healthy.
  • Stain-resistant: modern materials of veneers are stain-resistant to colored beverages and certain foods.

Can A Hollywood Smile Impact Your Life?

A properly done Hollywood smile dental procedure can easily enhance the state of your beauty. Not everyone has excellent genetics or a perfectly healthy lifestyle, so veneers can help.  A perfect smile can even speed up your career promotion and expand your personal and social life. These factors are worth considering if you want to boost the quality and social life and self-confidence!

Do not hesitate to contact Sola Dental Spa to make an appointment for your Hollywood Smile. Professional cosmetic dentists will make your dream come true!