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“Look Good by Doing Good” – Dr. Anne Gershkowitz

Dazzling Smiles

Staten Island Advance – December 2007

‘Evening of Beauty’ offers weapons against aging

Staten Island Advance – September 2007

NEW BEAUTY Magazine (Fall’07):

Personal Approach – Dr. Anne Gershkowitz’s favorite quote, “Stop going with the flow of life; start your own river,” resonates at Dental Spa and Beyond, where the cosmetic dentist has created a dental retreat for patients to relax, rejuvenate and renew more youthful, aesthetic smiles.

Industry Magazine (April’07):

Real Patients. Real Smiles. That is Dental Spa and Beyond’s motto!

Industry Magazine (March’07):

Beautiful Smile: Where can you go in Staten Island to find confidence, assurance and happiness… Hint: it’s not a bar, restaurant, museum, or park. As unlikely as it sounds, it may be a dentist’s office. Enter Dental Spa and Beyond – where patients feel relaxed, pampered and at ease.

NEW BEAUTY Magazine (Summer’07):

Dr. Anne Gershkowitz is featured as top cosmetic dentist in Staten Island, NY. Dr.Gershkowitz’ cosmetic dental practice offers patients the perfect package for those seeking to improve their smile via porcelain veneers, dental implants, tooth restorations or for those seeking an entire smile makeover. The dentist’s level of expertise and personalized approach, combined with her perfectionist nature, an accommodating staff, and a relaxing ambience, all add up to an ideal arrangement for patients. “Our goal is to provide our patients with an exceptional level of care, and we strive to achieve natural, genuine smiles for each case we complete,” says Dr. Gershkowitz.