Laser Gum Surgery

The gums are the coral pink, firm and stippled soft tissue structure that lines the jaw bone and wraps around the collars of the teeth in a fashionable scalloped arrangement. The gums are often neglected structure of the mouth. People think that oral care is limited to the teeth but it is so much more. As a matter of fact, neglecting the gums can lead to gum disease.

Gum Disease, Up Close

Plaque can accumulate daily in the oral structures. It can pile up and so disrupt health. Gingivitis is characterized by reddish, swollen, tender and purulent gums. When this condition is allowed to progress, you can deal with Periodontitis which involves bone loss, tooth mobility and the unfortunate loss of tooth.

Traditionally, gum disease is simply tackled by teeth cleaning. Removing plaque will revert conditions back to health, but when the disease has become more advanced, minor surgery of the diseased, loose and flabby gum tissues is necessary. Gingivectomy is performed by slicing the extra soft tissue and this is done with a sharp blade. A more modern approach carries out the procedure with the use of laser.

Gum Surgery and Laser

The use of lasers has become quite popular in Dentistry.

In the field of Periodontics it has been helpful in surgery because:

It may or may not require the use of anaesthetic solution. Unless of course the procedure requires manipulation of a larger area of the soft tissues, a patient may undergo the procedure without enduring the needle.

The action is more precise. Lasers hit the soft tissue more precisely. This limits the operation site so that it is more conservative.

No need for stitches. Since there is less bleeding most laser gum surgery procedures do not require sutures. Success is high, following the procedure, and the gum disease is resolved.

Less pain and less blood. The mechanism involved laser surgery allows the performance of a more painless and less bloody procedure.

Healing is quicker. Since it is less invasive and so much more precise, you can expect that healing will come quicker. Since the tissues are not traumatized greatly, it will follow a healing course that is most favourable.

Reduced patient anxiety. In the most general sense, since it is definitely less invasive compared to traditional methods, it reduces anxiety of patients, so they are more receptive to treatment.

Some caution is placed on the use of proper wavelength for surgery, of course. It is important that the right wavelength is used because it may lead to more damage. Otherwise, laser gum surgery is trustworthy solution to restore the health of your gums. This technology is also used in teeth whitening, treatment of tooth decay or dental caries and lesion removal or biopsy.

If you still have questions about Laser Gum Surgery procedure contact our experienced periodontist to get professional answers.

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