Best Ways to Straighten Teeth

Straighter teeth can give you your best, most confident smile yet. But the process of straightening your teeth isn’t always quick. Old methods of teeth straightening your teeth can take time. Maybe you don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort on getting the results you are looking for.

There are newer, more innovative methods to accelerate the teeth straightening process.  Staten Island dentists at Sola Dental Spa can speed up the straightening process for busy adults who don’t have time for multiple dental appointments and procedures so that you can have beautiful, straight teeth in just months, not years. Here are some methods to consider.

The Acceledent Method

This unique method involves a handy, hands-free gadget that patients wear daily. 20 minutes a day is all it takes to achieve a perfectly straight smile. It works in conjunction with other straightening devices such as braces to accelerate the process. Gentle pulsing technology will quicken the movement of teeth to help braces straighten teeth faster and more efficiently.

If this method appeals to you, Dr. Gershkowitz, a prominent dentist in Staten Island, has the latest in accelerating technology to straighten teeth faster.

The Propel Alveocentesis Method

This quickening method focuses on remodeling the bones of teeth quicker through boosting cytokine activity. When an experienced dentist in Staten Island is able to boost cytokine activity, it stirs up the bones of the teeth, allowing for quicker movement. An added benefit of the propel alveocentesis method is that it can also single out one specific tooth for accelerated movement if necessary.

Micro Osteoperforation (MOP)

The Microosteoperformation method also targets cytokine activity as a means for speeding up the straightening process.  It uses cytokine activity along with force to push teeth into place at a faster pace.

Surgical Removal of Tooth Tissue

It may sound extreme, but surgical removal of tooth tissue can actually speed up the straightening process.  When you provide a gap, it allows for teeth to move into place more quickly than they would otherwise be able to move. For this method, be sure you choose a dentist with experience and knowledge of the teeth straightening process.

Dr. Anne Gershkowitz is among the best dentists in Staten Island, NY who will give you the results you are looking for within a shorter time frame. Keep in mind that for all of the methods listed, it is necessary to wear a retainer for 6 months following completion of the procedure to keep the teeth position stable.

You are sure to love your new, straighter smile when you choose Sola Dental Spa.