Braces Staten Island: How to look after teeth while wearing them

The condition of your teeth is good but you have those gaps between them or your teeth are crooked and it makes you feel uncomfortable. If you would like to save your natural teeth but make them straight you may correct your smile with braces.

Nowadays it is not necessary to wear them for years. With Six Month Smiles Technique in Staten Island, you may have a perfect smile in quite a short time. 6 months is an average period. It may take even less in some cases or a bit more if the work that should be done is huge.

To save your teeth in a good condition while wearing braces you’ll need to know how to take care of both your teeth and braces.

braces in Staten Island

1.Pay attention to what you eat

First of all, you’ll need to refuse biting hard foods such as apples, carrots, crackers, nuts or large pieces of meat or bread for example. To eat chewy candies and other food that may stack, stretch the wire or break your braces. Whether you wear them or not try to eat fewer sweets because they make your teeth ruin faster.

2. Pay attention to what you drink.

Some drinks such as black tea, coffee, red wine, etc. can color the teeth and braces and it may be more difficult to clean them up.

3. Clean the teeth and braces

With braces, your teeth will need to be cleaned more often. It is perfect if you are able to brush them every time after you eat something. Also do not forget to floss your teeth at least once a day.

These easy steps will help to save your teeth in good condition and get a perfect smile.

If you are hesitating if braces are a good choice for you. Contact Dr Anne Gershkowitz for the consultation and braces alternative (Staten Island).
Remember that every case is unique and for the best result it needs the professional dentist to work on it.

Start your smile makeover today and remember your smile is a good investment in a happy future.