Different Types of Floss

The common thought of dental floss is a small container that has a reel of floss that is fed through a small hole with a clip that will cut your floss accordingly. As you are doing this, you probably aren’t thinking about what type of floss you are using, because you may only think there is one kind. There are many different types of floss to use, including wax-coated, Teflon-coated, unwaxed, fluoride floss and much more. Here we will discuss a few different and most common flosses that are used, and there benefits.

Firstly, there are many similarities of floss. Dental floss all basically serves the same purpose of being soft, flexible, and easy to use. Most floss is made up of either cotton or nylon fibers before they begin to receive there coating of wax or Teflon. The type of dental floss that you use will more than likely comes down to preference. You can choose from unwaxed or waxed floss, tape floss, Teflon-coated floss, and unflavored or flavored floss.

Waxed Floss and Unwaxed Floss

These two flosses are the most simple and widely used dental floss. Most dentists will recommend the unwaxed types of floss because the threading is better for cleaning your teeth and absorbing the food debris left in your teeth. Some dentists do not like waxed floss because it can sometimes leave a waxy film on your teeth. However, waxed floss is usually smoother and can glide more easily between your teeth. It also is more resistant to fraying and will last much longer.

Teflon Floss

The new addition to the dental floss lineup is the Teflon coated floss. Teflon is a non-stick  , very smooth type of floss that can move easily between your teeth without have the risk of leaving a waxy substance behind .This floss is stronger and more durable than any other floss, and provides a shred resistant string.

Tape Floss

Also a fairly new dental floss, the tape floss is going to be much thicker than the standard type of floss and is exceptional for people that have wider gaps between their teeth. Tape floss also has a strong resistance to breaking or fraying, and moves smoothly through your teeth.

Flavored Floss

Flavored floss will leave a pleasant taste in your mouth, and is available many different flavors. Mint and cinnamon are most common, but recently a wide range of flavors have emerged such as strawberry or even bacon.

Flossing Aids

Flossing is probably the most skipped thing to do when it comes to dental hygiene. We may all brush our teeth daily, but most people take the easy way out and floss once in a blue moon. Because of this, flossing aids have been made available. These devices have been designed to make flossing a much easier task. There is a device that can be used on the go and can be discarded after one use. These devices are not essential, but if they help make flossing a more regular practice then you should consider purchasing them for a healthier mouth.

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