Do I Need Dental Implants?

If you have been told that you need dental implants, you first thought may have been, “Is that really necessary?”.

Tooth loss is common among adults for one reason or another and should be handled in a timely manner to avoid further issues. The loss of a tooth may be the result of tooth decay, gum disease, damage to the tooth. A failed treatment for a tooth infection could also lead to it. But either way, untreated gaps will wreak more havoc if they aren’t properly treated.

Here are some tips for knowing if you need dental implants or not.

Shifting of Teeth

Gaps in your teeth that are left there after the tooth loss will eventually cause shifting of teeth. Teeth begin to move or tilt into the empty space, causing neighboring teeth to be unstable as well.

In addition, the tooth without a top or bottom partner might begin to grow, in search of the contact point of another tooth. Instead of finding a tooth, they may find your gums, which can lead to a constant sore spot on the gums caused by that other tooth.

Endodontic treatment in Staten Island, such as root canal treatment to save a tooth or dental implants to replace a missing tooth are notable options for preventing the shifting of teeth.

Loss of Jaw Bone

Believe it or not, the chewing motion of our teeth is what actually stimulate proper jaw bone growth.

In the case of a missing tooth or teeth, the jawbone where the root of the missing teeth used to be is no longer stimulated, resulting in loss of bone. This shrinking process is known as “resorption” and is hard to reverse once it begins.

That is why it is important to consult an endodontist about dental implants before jawbone loss gets out of hand.

Dental Implant Options

The science of dental implants has come a long way from where it once was.

Today, dental implant supported crowns or bridges to replace a missing tooth or teeth are reliable options. An implant replaces the missing tooth and an artificial root is also implanted to stimulate the jaw and avoid jaw bone loss.

The implants are cemented or screwed in. So that once they are in, they will not move around so other teeth are not shifting as well.

Seek endodontic care for a missing tooth and know that dental implants can replace a missing tooth so as to prevent damage and complete your beautiful smile.

Early Prevention Is Key

While the loss of teeth does occur, if possible, early prevention is the key to avoiding multiple problems.

As soon as you notice signs of something wrong with a tooth, schedule a visit with your local dentist or endodontist in Staten Island.

Endodontics are crucial for saving teeth before resorting to pulling decaying teeth.

Root Canal Treatment in Staten Island is a proven method for saving a tooth from infection.

Regular check-ups are also highly recommended to detect problems early.

Contact your dentist Dr. Anne Gershkowitz to schedule a cleaning and check-up today and avoid problems that lead to dental implants.