Finding Oral Cancer at the Early Stages

Many people believe that cancer cells are found by testing your blood count. This can be proven true in some cases but can many times be false.

During a checkup a dentist will look at the patient’s mouth and attempt to find any types of lumps or patches of red or white areas. This is done in the beginning stages to help find the cancer cells at its prime stages which can cause a better chance of fighting it.

Detecting dental cancer at its origin is such a vital task; it makes it important for you to constantly check yourself for anything out of the ordinary. If anything of the symptoms below is noticed, you should contact your dentist or a doctor immediately.

  • A sore that causes irritation and is prone to bleeding
  • Color changes such as white or red lesions
  • Mouth pain that can cause tenderness or tingle
  • A small raised area, or a rough thick area
  • Problems when chewing food, maneuvering your tongue or speaking, as well as trouble swallowing

A main risk that can cause oral cancer is chewing tobacco as well as being exposed to the sun for an extended time. Smoking in combination with consuming around 30 alcoholic drinks a week can cause oral cancer as well. This situation is the norm when diagnosing patients with oral cancer today.

Proper precautionary measures such as watching what you put into your body will help. Certain studies have shown that people who eat a lot of vegetables and fruits can help avert lesions that can develop into cancer. On the flip side they can also hinder your teeth, due to the high amounts of citric acid in the foods.

More than 100 people every day are found to have oral cancer. Studies also show that every house a person will die from the disease. This occurs because the disease is not found until the late stages, and treating it is very tough. To prevent this outcome, detecting the cancerous areas in its early stages is important to defend against it.

The steps needed to detect the oral cancer are easy. All you must do is contact your local dentist and allow them to look at your mouth to see if they find anything out of the ordinary. If something is found, and it is in the early stages, you have an 80% chance of successfully defending against this problem.

The mouth is required to be in healthy standing to be utilized to its full extent. Being able to eat, speak and drink healthily is important to allow a happy life. Detecting this at such an early stage is important to your family and your life.