Fluoride and Dental Caries in Children

You may not know but fluoride is naturally found in water. This is probably the best reason why your dentists often inquire about your water supply. But how important is fluoride content in a child’s mouth? What is the recommended amount of fluoride required for a child to maintain strong and healthy teeth? What are the disadvantages if the fluoride amount exceeds the required amount of dosage?

Fluoride acts as the mouth’s soldier. Coupled with other vital minerals like calcium and phosphorus, it aids in the prevention of acid build-up in your mouth which is caused by excessive consumption of starchy foods and sweets. In doing so, it prevents the accumulation of plaque which causes tooth enamel’s de-mineralization. Furthermore by eliminating excessive acid build-up in the mouth, fluoride supports the restoration and repair of damaged teeth through the process of re-mineralization.

Nevertheless, parents should be very cautious with regards to the amount of fluoride which may be absorbed by their children. According to mouth specialists, it is not recommended that kids aged two years old and below use toothpastes which are rich in fluoride and if ever they do reach the age of two years old, it is best advised that they use only fluoride toothpastes that contain the ADA’s acceptance seal. Nevertheless, it is best that kids maintain a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste to avoid over absorption of it. Always supervise your kids while they brush because they tend to enjoy the taste of most flavored fluoride toothpaste and think of it as candy.

Proper monitoring is a must for parents to guarantee that their children are not overexposed to fluoride because overexposure to it may be more detrimental to your children’s health than you could ever have thought of. In a recent study made concerning fluorosis, an abnormal discoloration which appears in permanent teeth, researchers diagnosed that the inappropriate and inconsiderate use of dental products which contains fluoride is the root of this oral infection. They therefore strictly prohibited that parents allow their children to use mouth rinses that contains fluoride. If this is deemed necessary, then wait for your dentist to prescribe it rather than you taking matters in your own hands.

The common belief that fluoride is good for oral health is still a fact but parents should always consult their family dentist to know the appropriate time when to give such treatment to their children.

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