Gummy smile correction in Staten Island

gummy smileA smile that exposes the upper gum is a gingival smile or gummy teeth. It is not a medical problem. Your teeth may be healthy, and your bite may be correct. This smile can be considered a cosmetic flaw as well as a cute feature. But it can be corrected if you wish.

A beautiful smile can charm anyone, help make an acquaintance, or resolve a conflict. But what can you do if nature has not given you such a generous gift? You can seek help from experts in aesthetic medicine. They know exactly how to correct any imperfection.

How do you fix gummy smile?

Cosmetic dentistry helps correct gummy smile , and there are several methods for fixing this defect. The main methods include gingivectomy, crown lengthening, lip repositioning, and Botox. How to choose the best course of treatment? This is the dentist’s mission, which determines the gingival smile‘s root cause. Such problem can be a purely aesthetic. However, more serious situations require bite correction and dental treatment.

Today, cosmetic dentistry offers several methods for the non-surgical correction of the gingival smile. Procedures such as crowns, veneers, gum lift, and gingivectomy are minimally invasive and make your teeth look more attractive.

Is gummy smile unattractive?

gummy smile beforeMost people find a gingival smile unattractive. As a result they want to fix it once and for all. You should not obsess about this problem. It is purely aesthetic (except cases where severe dental and oral pathologies cause a gummy smile).

The fact is that this problem can significantly affect a person’s psychological health and self-confidence. A person is uncomfortable being around people because of his/her features. Generally, a smile that exposes more than 3 mm of gum is perceived by patients as unattractive. You can correct gummy smile  anytime.

However, this smile can cause gingival inflammation and tenderness and contribute to bad breath and gum pathema. You’ll agree that it is better to cope with this problem because oral hygiene is crucial for everyone. Just imagine, gum smiles are twice as ordinary in women, and they always pay special attention to their appearance. If you want to improve the appearance of your smile, you may be wondering, “Where can I get a gum lift near me?” Sola Dental Spa can help you solve your gummy smile.

Is a gummy smile normal?

The ideal smile is where only the upper incisors are visible and perhaps a little of the lower ones.

However, it is normal if the smile shows less than two millimeters of the upper gum. Two millimeters or more of the gum is visible with a gingival smile. We can’t overestimate the importance of a smile. It is important in personal life, professional growth, and everyday communication. However, sometimes people have significant discomfort with their inability to smile normally.

But the concept of a ‘normal smile’ includes hiding the upper gingiva and the condition of your teeth. You should agree, that crooked and uneven teeth affected by decay will be more conspicuous than a gingival smile. Yes, it is considered an aesthetic pathology in which gummy teeth can be healthy and straight.

What causes gummy smile?

gummy teethThere are several reasons for the formation of a gummy smile. But, in any case, this defect comes from childhood. Perhaps the upper lip is too short, causing the gum to stick out when the child smiles. Or the upper gingiva (hyperplasia) is too large. These are various genetic and anatomical conditions of the face, which can cause such a defect in combination.

In most cases, people with bite problems or anomalies in the facial skeleton suffer from a gingival smile. Gum smiles may also occur due to chipped teeth or gaps between the teeth that are too big.

Poor oral hygiene is another cause of this condition. Neglecting to brush your teeth can lead to inflamed gums, which causes them to enlarge and change the shape of your smile. In rare cases, taking certain medications may also cause this aesthetic defect. Don’t worry about the gummy smile  cost treatment, it’s quite an affordable procedure.

A gummy smile  is easy enough to fix. Much depends on the complexity of the situation. If the procedure is simple enough, you can expect a gummy smile  cost at least $300. A complicated treatment can cost a maximum of $8,000.

Do I have a gummy smile?

gingival smileAre you thinking about the attractiveness of your smile and want to correct possible aesthetic problems?

How do I determine if I should have my gummy smile  treatment, and what is gum care in general?

If you are shy about smiling and most often hold yourself back, you probably wonder, “Do I have a gummy smile ?” This often leads to a decrease in self-esteem, which directly affects psychological well-being. Especially if other people are being untactful in drawing attention to such problems.

If you have more than a couple of millimeters of exposed gum tissue between your teeth and upper lip, this is a sign of gummy teeth. But don’t worry, you’re not in this world alone with this aesthetic problem! Visit a cosmetic dentist at Sola Dental Spa, who can help you fix gummy smile .


A smile is much more than just a facial expression. It is a way of showing your emotions, a way of communication. Moreover, it is a certain method of influencing people. That’s why solving a problem like a gingival smile is primarily a desire to please yourself. Even if it doesn’t give you any physical discomfort.

So why not use modern non-invasive methods to solve this problem? If you wonder “Where to get gummy smile  treatment near me?”, contact our Sola Dental Spa clinic. All kinds of treatment are available here.