Healthy food for teeth

Yogurt and fruit breakfast bowl. Healthy food.

A balanced diet containing a sufficient amount of proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals has a positive effect on the condition of the organs of the oral cavity, in particular, it supports the health of gums, teeth, regulates the amount and biochemical composition of saliva, and also affects the subjective taste sensations.

One of the main conditions for the formation of resistance to tooth decay in children is a nutritionally and qualitatively adequate nutrition of a pregnant woman, including dairy products, minerals, vitamins, vegetables and fruits. No less important in the formation of dental tissues is nutrition in the first year of a child’s life when the laying and development of permanent teeth are in progress.

The main cause of tooth decay is food containing carbohydrates (sugar, starch). Each time, bacteria use carbohydrates to nourish and build plaque, the final product of this process is acid that destroys tooth enamel.

An increased concentration of sugar in the oral cavity persists after eating for 20–40 minutes. The more often you have a snack, the longer your teeth are at risk of developing caries, therefore it is necessary to exclude the use of products containing sugar in between main meals.

Sweet, soft and sticky products stick to the teeth, they are very difficult to remove even when brushing your teeth. Eating solid food (raw vegetables, hard fruits) is good training for the dentition, as well as one of the ways of self-cleaning. It is advisable to eat vegetables and fruits after eating sweet, sticky, soft foods, as well as in between main meals.

  • Try to avoid eating foods with an unfavorable ratio of calcium to phosphate, as excess phosphorus impairs the body’s absorption of calcium. Many foods contain phosphates (for example: cola, sausages, smoked foods, processed cheese).
  • Foods with increased cariogenicity that are not recommended for consumption between main meals: caramel, chocolate, chewing gum with sugar, muffins, cookies, ice cream, honey, marmalade, canned fruit, bananas, dried fruits, tomato ketchup.
  • Try not to give sweets to children, especially sticky ones, if there is no way to brush your teeth later. Sugar is the worst enemy of teeth.
  • Be sure to eat solid foods – raw vegetables, hard fruits.
  • Instead of sugary drinks, drink unsweetened fruit juices, table water or mineral water.
  • Milk, cheese, meat and green vegetables contain calcium, which helps teeth grow healthy and strong.
  • The fluorides necessary for teeth are mainly obtained from fish, black tea, cereals, and vegetables.
  • Take breaks between meals for at least 2 hours so that saliva regains its anticariotic properties.