How Can I Make My Teeth White? Staten Island

beautiful smileDid you notice that a beautiful smile has a special power to boost your mood. Studies reveal  that a person with healthy and white teeth feels more confident and it results in lower blood pressure and reduced level of stress. Ask yourself what stops you to smile to your fullest extent? A very common reason is that you are not satisfied with the appearance of your teeth due to their discoloration. The positive news is that you can get them white again! Are you interested in finding out how to make teeth white fast? In this article, you will find essential tips and recommendations on how make teeth white again. 


What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

Before you start thinking how to get your teeth more white, you should find out the root  cause of it. Many things cause tooth discoloration, for example, coffee or tea we drink daily in big quantities. Keep on reading the best tips to improve your teeth appearance:


  1. Do professional dental cleanings regularly

Tartar build up is one of the reasons that causes discoloration and other issues if not taken care of.. You should clean it by a professional hygienist or a dentist at least twice a year. 

  1. Avoid drinks that cause stains

You should consume tea, coffee, and wine moderately. If you want to minimize the negative effects, you can use a straw. That would be a funny scenery if you drink wine with a straw. Lol. Do not forget to rinse the mouth with water.

  1. Quit your smoking habit 

Do you know that cigarettes stain the teeth? Such stains are hard to remove because they are stuck in all the open areas of enamel. There should be no compromise to smoking if you dream of a Hollywood smile.

  1. Practice oral hygiene 

Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day is a must-do for everybody. Choosing the right toothpaste wisely. Make sure it contains fluoride to prevent the development of cavities.

  1. Limit sugary food and drinks 

Sugar is responsible for bacteria that cause plaque. As soon as you start following a sugar-free diet, the appearance of your teeth will improve a lot. If you allow yourself some sugary foods/drinks, do not forget to brush your teeth after.


toothbrushHow Can I Whiten My Teeth Quickly?

The only right answer to the question “how to get your teeth white” is to do a professional in-office whitening treatment. This is what most dentists offer to their patients. If you have severe teeth discoloration issues, one of the ways to improve the situation is by applient special agents during teeth whitening procedure in the dental clin during your visit. Additionally, you can use at-home teeth whitening trays, but you may not be able to achieve as bright results as you get in a dental clinic. 


How Can You Make Your Teeth White Instantly?

Would you like to know how to make your teeth white? When you make an appointment at Sola Dental Spa, you should know what steps will be involved in the in-office whitening procedure.


  1. The dentist uses a standard tooth shade chart, which helps determine the shade of your teeth currently and how many shades you want your teeth to be whiter.
  2. The specialist uses a pumice tool, which gives excellent results in polishing your teeth and removing plaque. 
  3. It is essential to check whether the whitening agent does not touch a patient’s gums, tongue, or cheeks. The dentist uses a special tool to open your mouth wide enough. 
  4. The specialist applies the agent and leaves it on your teeth for 30-60 minutes. Using light activation can also be a part of your whitening treatment. 
  5. After the whitening process, a patient has to rinse the mouth. At this stage, it is recommended to apply fluoride to avoid developing tooth sensitivity.


If you have reached the desired shade, your dentist will give you some handy recommendations on your lifestyle, eating/drinking habits to let the applied whitening agent sink in properly. If you follow all the recommendations, your teeth will remain perfectly white for a long period. Additionally, you can discuss with your dentist how to get white teeth longer and whether it makes sense to use at-home kits.


How Much Does It Cost To Get My Teeth Professionally Whitened?

A professional in-office teeth whitening costs start anywhere from $500 and may go as far as a $1,000 and sometimes more depending on the situation.  Many factors go into the final cost, such as the type of whitening product your dentist will be using and the time it will take to achieve best results.. Even though at-home kits are cheaper, only in-office whitening can be truly beneficial and long-lasting. A dentist uses high-quality and more concentrated hydrogen peroxide gels. Additionally, such desensitizers as fluoride or potassium nitrate, help minimizing tooth/gum sensitivity. You invest not only in the stunning look of your teeth but in their health and longevity as well. Only in-office treatment can remove stains that are caused by smoking, aging, and consuming certain foods and drinks.

Dr-Anne-Gershkowitz-is-in-processIs It Better To Get Teeth Whitened At The Dentist’s?

Is it difficult for you to decide how to make the teeth white: in-office or at-home? We highly recommend you take an appointment with your dentist and speak about the advantages and disadvantages of both methods to get whiter teeth. If you failed to see the desired results after applying the at-home kit or the result was too short, you should consider trying the teeth-whitening procedure at a dental clinic. In our opinion, this method works way better and faster. Only a professional dentist can use stronger peroxide concentrations to speed up the process and intensify the effect. If you want to make your teeth 3-8 shades whiter, a patient should do several dental office visits that last not more than an hour. Typically the price of a professional tooth whitening is higher compared to at-home kits, but the bright results are worth your time and money.