Smile Design and Smile Make-Over


Smile design and make-over may not be a necessity but it is indeed a choice you should grab especially if it means gaining more self-confidence in your life. It requires a combination of cosmetic dentistry procedures which can either be composite bonding, dental implants or teeth whitening. It magically fixes anything that you wish to change in your smile while taking into consideration your hair color, facial appearance, skin tone, gum tissue and lip structure.

Common Disliked Smile Aspects

Gummy Smile

This is the excessive gingival display every time a person smiles. Excessive gum tissues found in the mouth overshadows the upper teeth’s appearance when you smile. This is normally corrected through surgical lip repositioning, laser treatments or orthodontic braces.

Missing Teeth

Who amongst us would like to smile if in doing so a missing tooth will appear before a crowd. This is certainly a disaster and a major cause for a person’s loss of self-esteem. Although loss of teeth may be caused by several factors, smile make-over knows how valuable a single tooth can be for a person’s smile. This is resolved through bridges, dental implants or partial dentures.

Crooked and overlapping teeth

These problematic factors in a person’s smile are eliminated through Invisalign. It acts as an invisible brace solution which is composed of invisible plastic aligners which is carefully crafted to perfectly and comfortable fit your teeth. It is the better esthetic alternative to the conventional wire and bracket dental braces which are certainly an eyesore in our smile.

Stained or Dulled Teeth

The teeth’s color should be white but because of food stains and smoking most people notices that their teeth’s color suddenly gets stained and dulled. Smile make-over fixes this through teeth whitening or bleaching.

Several factors are taken into consideration by your dentist before proceeding with any smile make-over procedures. These factors include the tooth’s length, proportion, texture and characterization coupled with a person’s smile line. It may be an expensive feat but the results will definitely be satisfactory and provide you the needed boost in your career and lifestyle.

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