Transform Your Smile with Teeth Contouring and Reshaping in Staten Island

The more beautiful a smile is, the more often you want to laugh. So, it’s time to make your teeth perfect. The only thing that remains is choosing  the method that suits you best. Teeth contouring  is a procedure for aligning or changing the shape of teeth. Dental contouring is a quick and inexpensive method of creating an attractive and smooth smile, usually without anesthesia. So, where can I do teeth reshaping near me? Definitely at Sola Dental Spa clinic

What is teeth contouring? How do I get a perfect teeth shape?

Teeth reshaping helps to correct natural defects of teeth. This procedure helps those who have had problems with their teeth due to illness, injury, etc.

Aesthetic dental contouring is suitable for patients who need:

  • Correction of the shape of an individual tooth or the entire dentition (for example, enlargement or narrowing of a tooth, shortening, or lengthening).
  • Correction of a particular tooth position in relation to the rest of the teeth row.
  • Changing the shade of teeth.
  • Hiding gaps between teeth.

The doctor recreates the natural harmony of a smile. And the art of restorative dentistry helps him. Defected teeth not only obtain the proper shape, get the desired shade, but also create a perfect row with healthy neighboring teeth. Dental contouring restores even those teeth whose decay has reached the gumline. Teeth reshaping does not require a nerve removal or an invasive shaving off the teeth in preparation for a crown. Teeth contouring in Staten Island is chosen individually for each case. With minor defects, the procedure is quick and painless. The use of anesthesia is justified only in the case of gingival contouring. Teeth reshaping cost depends on the degree of tooth damage.

What is tooth contouring? Is it OK to reshape teeth?

A beautiful smile is the best decoration of the face. But the ideal natural tooth line is rare, and a smooth white smile of movie stars in most cases is the result of experienced dentists. Dental contouring is one of the methods of cosmetic dentistry – it is a painless procedure to slightly change the shape of a tooth. It is an inexpensive and conservative method to improve the appearance of your smile. Careful treatment of tooth enamel contours provides excellent results. Minor defects in tooth shape, chipped enamel, slight crookedness, and overly pointed teeth are ideal indications for teeth contouring.

Before teeth reshaping the doctor assesses the condition of the teeth, to make sure that the teeth are healthy. The dentist then marks the areas that need to be corrected. During the dental contouring, the dentist removes a small amount of the outer coating of the tooth in order to reshape it. In certain cases, even a few millimeters of enamel removed in just the right spot can really improve the appearance of the tooth and therefore, the entire dentition. After that, the teeth get polished.

The desire to improve your smile and make it more attractive is normal, and that is what modern cosmetic dentistry is for.

How long does dental contouring last? How much does it cost to reshape a tooth?

Depending on the degree of dental defects, the doctor selects the most appropriate type of dental contouring. This determines the time needed for the procedure as well. There are several types of teeth contouring:

  • Direct contouring. The restoration of the problem unit is performed directly in the patient’s mouth. A single visit to the doctor is sufficient to perform the treatment. Only in complicated cases, the restoration is performed within several visits.
  • Indirect teeth contouring is performed in several steps. After the unit is prepared, an impression of the teeth is taken. A tooth fragment is made in the laboratory. It is then attached to the surface of the incisor or molar, restoring its functionality and correct anatomical structure.
  • Gum contouring allows to correct its shape. Depending on the clinical case, the doctor either partially excises the “extra” tissue or captures the bone fragment along with it.

Sometimes teeth reshaping is the first step in a more significant cosmetic treatment. Procedures such as veneers, teeth whitening, and crown lengthening can be performed months or even years after dental contouring.

Teeth reshaping cost depends on the extent of damage to the teeth. The average price ranges from $50 to $300 per tooth. However, some dental insurances cover the cost of the procedure if it is medically necessary and is not classified as a cosmetic procedure.

Does contouring damage your teeth?

Teeth reshaping involves special dental instruments and techniques to remove enamel. Although teeth contouring is a conservative approach to improving the appearance of your teeth, the pros and cons of the procedure must be weighed.

The benefits of the tooth contouring procedure:

  1. Cost. This is an inexpensive way to improve the appearance of your teeth.
  2. Painlessness. Since only the surface layer of enamel is removed, there is no discomfort with the procedure, and no anesthesia is required.
  3. Dental Health Improval. Removing minor irregularities and other defects where tartar and plaque can be formed reduces the risk of tooth decay and gum inflammation.
  4. A possible alternative to braces. In some situations, teeth contouring can replace braces because this procedure aligns the teeth and reduces their curvature.

Disadvantages of the dental contouring procedure:

  1. Barely noticeable change. Unlike other cosmetic dentistry procedures, teeth reshaping will not dramatically change the appearance of your teeth or make them whiter. For a more noticeable transformation of your teeth, you can resort to veneering. Dental contouring fixes only small imperfections, while veneers cover the entire front surface of the teeth, giving them a completely new look.
  2. Danger of tooth damage. Depending on how much enamel is removed during teeth contouring, teeth may become sensitive later. If too much enamel is removed, there may also be a risk of tooth fracture.
  3. The expected effect is only achievable if the doctor is properly qualified. He or she must be experienced and know the peculiarities of tooth contouring. Otherwise, the tooth may become sensitive and require additional treatment.

Teeth reshaping or artistic restoration is a procedure that allows you to make your smile perfect for everyone. Using the latest materials and technology, it is possible to get rid of most dental defects. At Sola Dental Spa clinic our dentist performs tooth contouring in several ways, considering the clinical case, indications and personal wishes of each client.