What is Zoom whitening? Staten Island

ZOOM whitening is the most advanced and safest method of enamel whitening today. The effect of this method is due to a special technology: under the influence of light, active oxygen molecules are released from the gel – that is what produces Zoom laser teeth whitening.

Oxygen penetrates deep into the tooth and removes any pigmentation – even strong and stubborn. Zoom whitening in Staten Island can even help smokers and people whose teeth are darkened due to age.

How much does it cost to zoom whiten your teeth?

Human teeth are subject to many adverse factors daily, most of which eventually lead to the darkening of the teeth. Some of the leading causes of tooth discoloration include colorful foods and drinks, smoking, and taking antibiotics.

Don’t be upset! Modern esthetic dentistry has an effective and reliable Zoom in office teeth whitening, which guarantees careful and effective whitening for a long time.

Zoom laser teeth whitening allows you to achieve stunning results by whitening your teeth in 8-12 shades. In order to maintain the result, you should visit dentist and make teeth cleaning on a regular basis.

Zoom whitening cost is about $500. You can find out the exact price of the procedure during a consultation with our dentist. The doctor will carefully diagnose and recommend the best method of teeth whitening and give you appropriate Zoom whitening cost.

Typically, zoom teeth whitening cost includes not only treatment in the dentist’s office, but also home whitening products. This will help to fix the results and make them more permanent. 

In-office whitening helps to achieve a better and more permanent result. It is a great way to whiten your teeth by several shades at once while spending a minimum of time. 

Is Zoom teeth whitening worth it?

With the Zoom teeth whitening near me, it is possible to lighten the enamel even if the person has genetic pigmentation. The technology is completely painless and safe. The gel contains calcium amphosphate, which penetrates the micro-cracks of the enamel and fills them. This fact allows whitening to be considered the safest whitening technology.

What are the benefits of Zoom laser teeth whitening?

  • zoom laser teeth whiteningWith teeth whitening you can whiten your teeth up to 8 shades brighter.
  • Your teeth will be much brighter in just one visit – a whitening session lasts only 45 minutes. This is especially important for busy people who do not have time for multiple visits to the clinic.
  • Whitening is suitable for people with sensitive teeth enamel. A non-aggressive gel is used in the whitening process. It does not cause demineralization of enamel. Therefore, whitening is considered completely safe.
  • Whitening results last at least 4 years. If you follow all your dentist’s recommendations, this period can be significantly extended.
  • ZOOM 4 system has additional benefits: the gel that is applied to the teeth contains amorphous calcium phosphate. During the procedure, it fills all the microcracks in the enamel, thereby “cementing” it.

It should be noted that despite the widespread use of Zoom whitening in Staten Island, its effectiveness and safety, the decision about the possibility to carry out tooth whitening procedures should only be made by the best dentist. We recommend making an appointment with our dentist who will tell you more about zoom laser teeth whitening and help you decide on the best option for teeth whitening.

How often can I get Zoom whitening?

Only dentists can give you the right answer to this question. And it will be different in each case. On average, it is considered that Zoom whitening in Staten Island can be done 1 to 2 times a year. Don’t be too diligent and get a treatment every six months. Firstly, your doctor will not allow you to have teeth whitening so often, and secondly, the effect of the procedure has to build up, so it takes time. How often you will need to repeat zoom in office teeth whitening depends on several factors:

  • The age of the patient (the older the patient, the faster the effect of the whitening procedure disappears).
  • Bad habits (smoking).
  • Natural tooth color (naturally light teeth need whitening less often).
  • Quality of individual oral care (regular hygiene helps to preserve the shade of tooth enamel).

To maintain and enhance the results of zoom in office teeth whitening, dentists recommend the use of professional Zoom laser teeth whitening kits at home. And of course, following your dentist’s recommendations is very important because it helps to extend the whitening effect over the long term. 

Which is better laser or Zoom whitening?

Teeth whitening is a procedure that requires a professional and competent approach. At Sola Dental Spa clinic, we have specialists who are fully trained in ZOOM 4 technology. Doctors will whiten your teeth as comfortably as possible with excellent results.

Zoom in office teeth whitening treatment itself starts with protection: lips, gums and mucosa are carefully covered with a protective film. There should not be a millimeter of unprotected soft tissue left! 

The first layer of gel is applied to the teeth and the patient’s eyes are covered with protective glasses. The doctor then turns on the lamp, “lights up” the gel for about 15 minutes and applies the next layer. As a rule, four approaches of applying the gel are sufficient.

Laser and Zoom teeth whitening are based on the same principle: the enamel is sprayed with a special gel which contains hydrogen peroxide. In laser whitening the gel is activated by a laser beam, while during whitening it is activated by the light of a special lamp. 

As a result, laser whitening is gentler for the hard tissues of the tooth, and the laser helps strengthen the enamel. But the final choice of the whitening method is up to the dentist who will recommend the optimal method. Here all depends on several factors, among which the age of the patient, the presence of bad habits and the general state of health and oral health are fundamental.

Modern dentistry provides a high level of quality with whitening. They do not damage the enamel and do not destroy the structure of your teeth. The shade of enamel is totally changed, depending on the individual. Zoom teeth whitening meets the safety requirements and modern criteria for the reliability of the procedure.