Would You Like to Obtain a Complete Smile Makeover?

That seems like a relatively simple question. Who wouldn’t want to completely transform their smile with the help of Cosmetic Dentistry performed by the best dentists in Staten Island? Our team thinks that a smile makeover might be the key to unlocking many doors facing our clients who come in unhappy with the impression they make with their greatest asset… their bright smile!

Our cosmetic dentists meet people like you each and every day. We take the time to talk with individuals who have an array of different smile-related issues facing them. We assess specialized problems and help to craft a treatment plan for a holistic approach to a better smile.

Generally, the fixes that make up a smile makeover fall into one of four categories. The Staten Island Dentists at Sola Dental Spa provide clients with all of these services in our spa-like office. We want to treat you in an environment that is comfortable, clean, and indicative of the way you will feel when your treatments are complete.

Dental Veneers

Our team of Staten Island dentists offers dental veneer implantation in our office to those who have uneven, misaligned, and even chipped teeth that they are not particularly proud of. Veneers are adhered to the teeth you already have to create the appearance of a natural tooth without imperfections and that seamlessly rests next to your other natural teeth.


Our cosmetic dentists will utilize a bonding technique to adhere your veneers or any other materials that your smile makeover requires to your original teeth. This ensures that the new components of your smile will stay put.

Teeth Whitening

The simplest form of cosmetic dentistry is done through teeth whitening in-office. Many individuals have teeth that are perfectly healthy and aligned, but just require a small whitening treatment to “fit in with the rest of the team.”


In the most dire of cases, individuals may require a full dental implant. This becomes necessary when the existing tooth is either missing from trauma, congenital defects, or disease, or when a healthy and usable portion of the tooth isn’t able to be maintained. Our team will insert a dental implant surgically into the space where your old tooth sat.  Once completed, this procedure can offer you increased confidence by replacing a tooth that was previously missing.

Come in to consult with our team today to see what possibilities exist for your total smile makeover. Our cosmetic dentistry specialists would love to give you back your smile!