Your Smile and The Ways to Make It Ideal

Make ideal smile

There is no doubt that only people with absolutely healthy and well-treated teeth can openly show their smile to others. But aesthetes and connoisseurs of the beauty of the human body knowingly argue that the attractiveness of a smile and face is determined by the correct shape and verified proportions of tooth crowns.

Nature has rewarded some people with ideal length and width teeth, with regular edges and angles, and a harmonious ratio of these parameters to each other. The others can get closer to the ideal smile with the help of teeth restoration, performed by a profe16ssional dentist in his field.

Special attention should be paid to the incisal line of the upper teeth, which is called the smile line. It is clearly visible how the smile line correction improves the aesthetics of the look of smile. Initially, a straight, concave or shape-like schematic image of a seagull, visibly ages the face. And following the line of the lower lip after professional intervention, makes it fresher and younger.

Restore the shape and size of dental crowns that have worn away, shortened and lost volume with age. The choice of a specific technique should be entrusted to the professional.

  • Teeth can be restored with dental porcelain veneers, modern photopolymer materials or high-quality crowns.
  • Orthodontists and dental technicians who are virtuosos of their work claim that they can change the shape of the teeth reflecting the character of the patient in it .
  • In addition, they will make every effort to make the dentition symmetrical. A smile becomes more attractive when the teeth on the left and right sides equidistant from the central vertical and are a mirror reflection of each other.

According to “dental design”, a smile should not expose the upper gum. And the gum line in its turn must repeat the line of the upper lip. Noticeable gums disturb harmony, as they visually make the upper jaw massive and heavy. The aesthetics of a smile and gum worsen, which the border is located with a “ladder”.

There may be various reasons for a “Gummy smile”, therefore it is possible to correct it in different ways, including dental ones.

  • Sometimes the orthodontic treatment helps to visually reduce the height of the gums – by moving the teeth to the correct position and changing the angle of inclination.
  • Laser helps to cope with gingival hyperplasia: a painless dental operation will remove the excessive gum tissue. During gingival repair, the doctor will give the gingival border even and harmonious outlines.
  • If the anomaly is caused by hyperactivity of the circular muscle of the mouth it can be sutured to relax. A simple intervention is performed by a dental surgeon under local anesthesia and after healing there will be not a trace left from the aesthetic defect.
  • With worn out shortened teeth the dental crowns lengthening surgery can be effective. The essence of the intervention is to reduce the volume of bone and gum tissue to move the gums up. By raising the border of the visible part of the gingival tissue, its width will decrease and will not be visible when you smile.

In some cases to get rid of the defect it is enough to simply restore the length and volume lost by the teeth. Sometimes after these procedures correction of the bite is also carried out. And after it, if necessary, you can do the repositioning and shape correction for the lips.

To determine what changes you’d like to make to chieve your perfect result contact our Sta16ten Island New York cosmetic dentist Dr. Anne Gershkowitz for a consultation.