Best dentist in Staten Island near me

best dentist“There are three dental clinics around my house, but I go to the other side of the city to treat my teeth. It suits me because there is the best dentist in Staten Island who I trust.”

The best dentist helps you avoid unnecessary costs. You can search on the Internet for “the most recommended dentist near me”.

But you can’t find such a doctor quickly, so don’t wait until your teeth hurt. Remember the golden rule: if the pain is acute, you need to go to the nearest dental office. But for the future, look for the top dentist near me

What is the best way of finding the best dentist in Staten Island?

The easiest way is to ask friends and relatives. Most likely everyone can tell you about their own bad “luck” and recommend the best dentist in Staten Island.

Do not hesitate to read the reviews on the Internet. Quite often, if people are not satisfied with the service and the quality of work, they will write about it.

Another sign of the best (most recommended) dentist is his busy schedule. If the doctor is qualified, he is in demand. The best dentist will consequently have an appointment for several days in advance, or perhaps even for a few weeks. Also, ask about the working hours of the clinic. Even if it is close to your home, answer a simple question – “Am I satisfied with the working hours of the best dental clinic near me?”.

Sola Dental Spa works on Sundays. This is for a reason – most patients can’t afford a dentist appointment in midweek, and most medical offices are closed on Sunday. We want our patients to feel comfortable, so we make the most suitable schedule for you.

It is very necessary to understand that good specialists work in well-equipped and modern clinics. Therefore, by choosing the “right” clinic, you will be halfway to the right choice of the best dentist in Staten Island

At the same time, remember that the phrase “the best dental clinic near me” does not mean its location. It is not always the best option. Because the time you save on the road can turn into re-treatment and additional costs. Therefore, in the first place, you need to look for quality service, not the convenient location of the clinic.

How do I know if my dentist is good?

What does it mean to have a good dentist near me? The best dentist does not hide anything from you. He tells you what you should treat, why and in what order. He offers treatment options, describes their pros and cons, and tells you how long the course will last and how much it will cost. The most recommended dentist near me makes sure that you understand your diagnosis and choose your own treatment. Even common cavities are treated in different ways.

When choosing the best dentist in Staten Island, you need to pay attention to the following features:

  • Cleanliness and order in the office, as the accuracy and thoroughness of the person, are shown everywhere.
  • The presence of an assistant, as it is not only inconvenient but also less productive to work with numerous equipment and tools alone.
  • The level of technical equipment plays a significant role in the work quality.
  • The outlook of the dentist and the assistant. Both should wear special gowns, gloves, masks, glasses, and use only sterile kits and single-use needles.
  • Availability of a warranty for the services provided. The best dentist appreciates and values his reputation, so provides a warranty for the services performed.

Do not look down on your doctor. He won’t refuse to treat you and won’t hurt your teeth, even if you are rude to him and think he is a cheater. But this way, you run the risk of making the best dentist your enemy.

How do I choose the best dental clinic near me?

Before you make an appointment, you should check everything. Reviews of patients who have already visited the doctor will help you to answer the question – “is he/she the top dentist near me“.

The main aspect you should pay attention to is the doctor’s education. Certificates of advanced training, and participation in seminars and conferences, will be a definite plus. 

Dr. Anne GershkowitzAt Sola Dental Spa clinic Dr. Anne Gershkowitz will be your doctor. She is Top American Dentist by Guide to America’s Top Dentists. Dr. Gershkowitz started her practice in 2007 and since then she has received several prestigious awards and is a founder of the American Dental Spa Association. 

The best dentist who constantly learns new techniques can offer his patients effective treatment and pain relief techniques. Dental equipment is also important because even in good hands, old technology will affect the quality of services provided.

The attitude of the clinic toward its patients is another point that determines the level of the clinic. Sola Dental Spa clinic takes care of its clients not only during the procedures but also afterward. We call patients the day after the procedure to make sure that he/she feels well and is satisfied with the result. In addition, we understand that modern life is very dynamic and active, so we always remind our patients of their appointment one day in advance.

How do I find the best family dentist in Staten Island?

Dental health begins with choosing the best dentist in Staten Island. You should not wait for acute pain to prompt you “to find the best dental clinic near me”. It is necessary to take the time and effort to choose the best dentist. In this case, the annual preventive check-up will be an activity quite pleasant, and the acute pain will never bother you again.

The trust factor plays a very important role in choosing a clinic and someone, who is “the top dentist near me”. We entrust our health to the doctor, so we should be sure that the dentist knows and will do the best job. A calm, positive and trustworthy dentist makes the best impression.

The attitude towards the patients and the work shows whether the dentist is really a good one. You can trust dentists at Sola Dental Spa as we do our work more efficiently and comfortably for you. Our doctors are true professionals!

If you are in the process of searching for the best family dentist in Staten Island, you will certainly look first at those who perform the services you need. The best family dentist is not just a doctor who can fill a tooth and give you a professional cleaning. It is also a specialist who knows how to whiten teeth, and how to choose the right dental implants or veneers. This is convenient because you will have the best dentist in Staten Island who can help you with any questions.

If you have found the best dentist in Staten Island, keep it safe. Don’t demand the impossible from him/her: medicine is not math; the risk of complications is always there. It’s up to you to find the best dentist with whom the risk is the lowest.

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What makes the best dentist?

The best dentist isn’t just a doctor who boasts many awards and prizes. It is also a person who is friendly to his patients and knows how to calm them down in certain situations. A couple of the most common phrases and the patient will immediately feel more comfortable.

The best dentist in Staten Island enjoys his work, is attentive to detail, and is tactful with his patients. A sincere desire to help is one of the motivating factors for the best dentist. Meeting patients’ wishes and their appreciation is the highest reward for their efforts.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The best dentist will listen to you attentively and explain every action because this is how you can create a trusting relationship. You are not just another number in the notebook, you are a person who trusts him and needs his help.

Doctors say that the best dentist is not the one who has the biggest number of patients under his belt. Another indicator – the number of regular patients – is more important.