bowl of vegetable salads

Want to boost your dental health? Superfoods!

Want to boost your dental health? Look no further than your plate! Incorporating certain superfoods into your diet can have a positive impact on your teeth and gums. From leafy greens to fatty fish, these nutrient-dense foods offer a variety of benefits for maintaining strong teeth and a healthy smile. Superfoods, known for their nutrient-dense […]

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Permanent and temporary crown aftercare in Staten Island

Dental disease or loss due to injury is not a reason to give up a beautiful smile. Crowns can help restore your smile, but don’t forget about crown aftercare. They restore not only the aesthetics, but also the ability to chew food, but you should pay attention to tooth crown aftercare. The choice of technique […]

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Tooth bridge vs implant in Staten Island

The loss of one or more teeth significantly reduces the quality of life and has a negative impact on a person’s condition. In this situation, people are faced with the choice of the best method of prosthetics – tooth bridge vs implant. Which is better: tooth bridge vs implant? To make a balanced decision, it is important to […]

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Zoom teeth whitening aftercare. Instructions and tips

The method of Zoom teeth whitening is to apply a special whitening gel to the surface of the enamel and use an LED lamp. However, without proper zoom teeth whitening aftercare the effect may be minimal, so it is desirable to follow the doctor’s recommendations.  Under the influence of heat, active oxygen is released from […]

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What is Zoom whitening? Staten Island

ZOOM whitening is the most advanced and safest method of enamel whitening today. The effect of this method is due to a special technology: under the influence of light, active oxygen molecules are released from the gel – that is what produces Zoom laser teeth whitening. Oxygen penetrates deep into the tooth and removes any […]

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Root canal aftercare in Staten Island

Root canal treatment saves the tooth and prevents the spread of inflammation that leads to serious disease. After the treatment the tooth is likely to become sensitive for a few days and root canal aftercare is very important. If treatment is not begun in time, the inflammation will spread further, and the doctor should remove […]

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gum surgery aftercare

Gum surgery aftercare. What to do after a gingivectomy?

Many dental diseases affect not only the bone structures but also the soft tissues. Gum surgery treatments are used to provide the patient with complete periodontal treatment and to get rid of aesthetic defects. The need for gum correction can occur at any age. The task of the surgeon is to determine if there are […]

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dental check up

Everything about a dental check-up in Staten Island

Many people believe that a dental check-up in Staten Island is only necessary when they have a problem: a toothache, a filling has fallen out, gums are inflamed or there is discomfort after a crown is placed. If your teeth don’t hurt, a teeth checkup seems like a waste of time. But in fact, the […]

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