Dental implants aftercare. How to care for implants?

Implants give you the feeling of strong natural teeth. You can squeeze your teeth tightly, eat everything, talk, kiss, laugh happily… In general, enjoy life again in all its forms. But what about dental implants aftercare, what are the main recommendations? Dental implant surgery at Sola Dental Spa is a very complicated procedure and proper […]

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Porcelain veneers aftercare. How to care for veneers?

The veneers aftercare guide is a must-have for anyone who is thinking about getting veneers or has already undergone the procedure. Today, not many people can be proud of a perfect, sparkling white smile. The situation is worsened by smoking and drinking coffee and tea, and it seems that you can only dream about an […]

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types of dental implants

Different types of dental implants. How to choose?

  How many types of dental implants exist now? Dental implants are a modern dental restoration technology with the use of artificial teeth. It surpasses the classic methods of dental prosthetics in all aspects. The method is reliable and able to restore the aesthetic component of the oral cavity without destroying the neighboring teeth. Each implant […]

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Are veneers covered by insurance? Staten Island

   Veneers are a cosmetic dental procedure. They help people restore the attractiveness of their smile, but many patients wonder if veneers are covered by insurance.  This question should be clear before undergoing treatment and you can check with your insurance provider or with Sola Dental Spa clinic. Based on the type of insurance, we […]

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Stress & anxiety free dentistry

Stress and anxiety-free dentistry near me

   Fear of the dentist is more common than most people think. It often causes unnecessary stress, but times have finally changed and today there is anxiety-free dentistry… Yes, a panic fear of dentists is a disease, which we call dentophobia, odontophobia, or somatophobia. A person suffering from this disease is scared of the dentist, […]

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Teeth cleaning | Dental cleaning in Staten Island

 No matter how thorough your daily hygiene routine is, professional dental cleaning remains an essential part of oral care for anyone who cares about the health of their teeth and gums. It’s easy to explain plaque builds up all over your teeth, but you can’t brush and floss everywhere to remove it. And left on […]

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best dentist

Best dentist in Staten Island near me

“There are three dental clinics around my house, but I go to the other side of the city to treat my teeth. It suits me because there is the best dentist in Staten Island who I trust.” The best dentist helps you avoid unnecessary costs. You can search on the Internet for “the most recommended […]

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Best tips for tooth sensitivity treatment

Tooth sensitivity treatment – is it difficult to do? Do sensitive teeth make it difficult for you to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or drink a glass of cold water in the heat? Have you given up sweets or sour foods so that a sharp toothache won’t bother you? It’s about time to visit […]

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