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Read our Cosmetic dentisrty testimonials


“Dr. Gershkowitz – you have done so much with my teeth – they look amazing. You have really made such a transformation and I get so many compliments about my smile and I do book more jobs because of it. Thank you.”


“When I realized I had to sacrifice the time if I ever wanted to improve my smile, I called Dental Spa & Beyond. To me, Dr. Gershkowitz’ dentistry is on a different level. I loved the soothing atmosphere. I was so relaxed, I fell asleep in the chair, no other place you can go to get the same experience”


“A four-hour procedure turned my smile around. Dr. Gershkowitz made my smile especially for totally unique in color, style and shape. She doesn’t have a set formula where the same smile is manufactured over and over.She made me feel very special.


“My whole smile changed before my eyes. The doctor is such a perfectionist. Her nature and personality and creativity drive her. She won’t get up from the chair until she knows it is her best work. Dr. Gershkowitz is one of a kind. She made me feel very special.”

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