Same Day Dental Implants

The Same-Day Dental Implant, Is It Real?

First of all yes, it’s real. But the patient’s gums and jaw bones need to be completely healthy. So before your oral cavity is examined and the same day dental implant placed you need to review the following information:

Unfortunately, going to a dental office and leaving with immediately placed implants is not always an option. There are a couple of steps that need to be followed prior to having an implant placed. A patient would first need a specialist to make the proper diagnosis, create a model, and make prostheses so that the implants placed fit perfectly. This process takes time, so, prior to having implants placed you would need to have at least a minimum of three appointments with the dentist.

The appointment where an implant is scheduled to be placed can be done in one day! This fast method is known as Immediate Load Implantation (ILI). The difference between this method and the classic implantation is that you can use new prostheses almost immediately. A temporary prosthesis, which functions as a full-fledged tooth, is attached either immediately or 2-3 days after implantation.

The Essence of Same Day Implantation

Dental implants in Staten Island – Sola Dental Spa
For a classic implant placement, the procedure is as follows:

  • 1. The dentist makes an incision into the tissue where the implant needs to be placed.
  • 2. The implant is then placed into the jaw bone.
  • 3. Soft tissue is then sutured.

Unlike a classic implant placement procedure:

With same day implantation in Staten Island the artificial tooth is mounted on a metal pin (also known as an abutment) up to 3 days after implantation.

Please note that with a classic implant placement procedure:

After the implant is placed, the patient needs to wait several months until the implant fuses with the bone. Once this occurs, the soft tissue is reopened in order to place an artificial tooth onto the implant.

Dental implants in Staten Island - Sola Dental Spa

Determining If Same Day Implants Are Right for You!

This method is suitable for the complete or almost complete restoration of what teeth are missing. Even if two or more teeth are missing, installing one implant can greatly benefit a patient.

For immediate dental implant placement in Staten Island, it is important to remember that the area that underwent surgery can only handle a lightweight temporary restoration, often made of acrylic or similar materials.

The temporary crown will also be made slightly shorter in height to provide the desired aesthetic effect and at the same time, it will not create excessive pressure on the bone.

Same Day Implants Are Not Suitable for You If…

Unfortunately, if you have any of the following health complications you are not the right candidate for same day implant placements.

These include:

  • – Decompensated diabetes mellitus
  • – Severe somatic diseases in the acute stage
  • – Bleeding disorders
  • – Sinusitis
  • – Acute infectious diseases
  • – Connective tissue diseases
  • – Immune disorders

The most important thing to keep in mind is that before any treatment is rendered you MUST have a preliminary examination with your dentist. During this exam, you will discuss your current and past health complications. Radiographs will be taken as needed to also examine the condition of the area that you would like an implant to be placed. After the initial preliminary examination, your dentist will decide what the best course of treatment is in order to have the implant placed.

Stages of Implant Placement

1. The first stage is known as the preliminary stage. At this time the dentist examines the area in which you would like an implant(s) to be placed and determines whether it is possible to install an implant in one day. After the initial visit, the patient should undergo a medical examination. You need to be prepared to check blood coagulation, glucose levels, the presence of certain infections, as well as undergo computed tomography to ensure that you are healthy enough to undergo this dental surgery.

2. The second stage involves a computer simulation. With computed tomography data and information that the dentist received from you during the initial examination he or she will select the treatment needed and simulate the entire implant placement process on the computer.

3. The third stage is what you’ve been waiting for; It’s time to place your implant! The specialist starts by giving the area a local anesthetic. After that step is complete, with the help of specialized equipment, the specialist will then make an incision in the tissue and bone to place your implant(s) in exactly the spot that was determined during the computer simulation. Placing the implant in the correct spot allows it to stay firmly in the bone tissue and stimulate the regeneration process.

4. The fourth stage is the installation of the artificial tooth itself! This happens about 2-3 days after implantation. During this time, the gum should be back to normal. At this point it is possible for your dentist to evaluate how firmly the implant(s) are fixed into the bone.

5. Finally, a permanent artificial tooth is placed anywhere from six months to a year after your implant is placed. At this time, the implant is firmly fused with the bone and allowing for more cumbersome prosthetics can be installed!

Dental implant and crowns before and after

Pros and Cons of One Day Dental Implants

The main advantage of an immediate implant placement is the ability to do all the necessary steps in just one day. With only two or three visits prior to placing the implant, you will be able to leave the office with a new smile. Another advantage of this method is that it can be performed even if bone tissue is insufficient. There is no need to have additional procedures done such as a sinus lift.

The disadvantage of a fast implant placement is the possibility of complications.

Complications can be minimized by choosing a provider who is trained and knowledgeable in providing same day dental implants!
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