Veneers: A Practical and Low-Maintenance Solution to Many Dental Issues

Our smiles are very important to us in this day and age more than ever before. They have an effect on us not only socially, but in our workplaces and other environments as well. Many adults have opted to have dental veneers implanted in their mouths to address some sort of issue or imperfection that they were experiencing with their teeth. Making the decision to improve your smile with dental veneers can be the first step toward alleviating your smile-related anxiety.

Adults who experience any of the following might take the time to consider opting for veneers.

Tooth Discoloration

For whatever reason, many adults find that one or more of their teeth have become discolored over time as a result of any number of conditions or environmental factors. Patients fresh out of a root canal surgery might find that their “new” portion of tooth is not the same color as those around it. Different chemicals and pharmaceuticals can have a discoloring effect on teeth with prolonged use. Even fillings provided by dentists can end up causing the unsightly appearance of discoloration of the teeth surrounding them. Porcelain veneers don’t discolor over time, and thus are an excellent choice for those who have concerns about coloring in their smile.

Broken or Chipped Teeth

In some unfortunate cases, individuals struggle with teeth that have been physically damaged as a result of trauma or a simple accident. This type of uncommon shape might cause one to seek out help to mask the differences. Veneers can help to disguise jagged chips and lines.

Uneven Teeth or Teeth That Have Misaligned After Corrective Treatment

Veneers might be an excellent option for someone who has multiple teeth whose appearance they are unhappy with. Veneers can offer a smooth and straight finished product that might be appealing to someone with a row of teeth that have misaligned or begun to unevenly orient themselves in a smile.

If you have noticed any of these or other imperfections in your smile… first, keep your chin up. No one has a perfect smile. That’s probably why our team sees so many individuals who would like to make small changes that show large improvements to their smiles. Cosmetic Dentists like ours at Sola Dental Spa specialize in providing a bridge to confidence for our clients. We aim to make you comfortable, both in our facility and in your own skin as a result of the treatment we provide. Call us to book your consultation today!