Root Canal Treatment: Who and What Is Involved?

What can you expect as you head into your root canal procedure? This is a fair question to ask before any treatment, big or small, is performed inside your mouth. The cosmetic dentists at Sola Dental Spa are here to help answer your questions and provide you with peace of mind for your root canal treatment in Staten Island and the surrounding areas.

What does root canal treatment involve?

Root canal treatment, commonly referred to as RCT, is essentially the process of opening up a tooth that has become infected in the pulp and removing the infected parts. Then the space where the infection used to grow is refilled in different ways pursuant to the needs of the individual patient’s case. A type of dentist called an endodontic specialist performs this procedure. In more intense cases, a prosthodontist will be enlisted, because they specialize in restoring damaged teeth.

How much might I expect to pay for RCT?

Root canals are somewhat pricy treatments to undergo. The first portion of the treatment, the root canal itself, can cost upwards of $2,000. The tooth will then need to be filled, which will only run you several hundred dollars. This is an investment in your oral health.

How will my dentist ensure that I am pain-free through the procedure?

Your dentist will administer oral anesthetics, such as a numbing agent to prevent you from feeling pain in the numbed area. In cases where pain and trauma are more psychological than physiological, your dentist might provide you with additional anesthetic options. Nitrous oxide is sometimes used for patients who struggle to deal with the pushing/pulling/tugging sensations of the procedure. Anti-anxiety medication is also sometimes employed to prevent reactions to the general environment of dental work.

What sort of side effects might I notice following my procedure?

Our team will aim to provide you with relief and a fix to the problems that existed in the tooth in question. Unfortunately, because a tooth that required a root canal in the first place would have necessarily had structural issues to begin with, problems can still arise following an RCT. If you experience sensitivity, pain, or other issues with your tooth once the treatment is complete, contact your dentist to be certain that the structural integrity of your tooth has remained despite your symptoms.