Teeth Training Composition Can Make Teeth Stronger

teeth training with bubble gum

Specialists have noticed long ago that our food is becoming more and more soft every year. And gradually the lack of chewing load begins to affect teeth more and more. Let’s not forget that the body is a holistic system. As the teeth become less and less needed by the body, it reduces their nutrition as unnecessary: ​​as a result, they weaken and begin to break down.

Just as the stability of a house depends on a large extent on the foundation, the health and strength of the teeth are related to the condition of their roots and gums. They need to be strengthened. But how? Sometimes it’s just advised to brush your teeth longer, not forgetting the gum massage.

But is that enough? For example, would you agree to replace daily morning exercises and exercise with self-massage? Unlikely. The same is for teeth – they need constant chewing load, training with the inclusion of all internal reserves, deep gum massage. Otherwise, internal forces are gradually depleted, and the body is increasingly waiting for “handouts” from the outside.

The most natural opportunity to train your gums and teeth, loading them to the root, is to chew longer and best of all solid food. But this is not always possible, and for weakened teeth, such a load may not be possible. What to do? The training team will help. Which everyone will easily make from ordinary chewing gum.

A Gum Can Be a Training Composition For Your Teeth

In order to train your teeth, you usually need 1-3 gum – plates or pads of any brand that you like. Chew them one by one until the whole filler comes out, and then combine them together. Some people think that this will be a lot, but in fact, without a filler, the volume of the gum decreases markedly.

You can add a few drops of your favorite dental elixir to the “teeth training composition”: during chewing, it will be more actively absorbed and the effect will intensify. Fans of salty rinses can add a little fine table or sea salt – the taste should be slightly salty, but not bitter-salty. Sometimes add a little pine resin or 1-2 drops of fir oil. The “training composition” can be used several times, although not for too long, because over time it becomes contaminated, which means it loses its healing properties.

Usually it’s enough to chew the composition for about five minutes. Gradually try to give a uniform load on the left and right sides of the dentition, on all teeth, including the front. Some teeth can ache a little from pressure: pay special attention to them, slightly load the adjacent teeth and move on, then return again. It is possible that after 2-3 such returns, these teeth will return to normal and will withstand the usual load.

To chew the composition for too long is not worth it, so as not to overload the chewing muscles. It is also noticed that if chewing is too long (anything, not just gum), tooth enamel can be erased. Therefore, a sense of proportion is required; you should not get involved in training too much. However, this applies to any wellness treatments.

Contrary to popular belief, you can use the “teeth training composition” on an empty stomach. It’s no secret that many people overeat. And chewing movements reflexively include digestion in the stomach, which will help digest the remnants of food. When chewing, saliva is also actively released, the work of the salivary glands is enhanced, and this is very useful before meals.

It is useful to chew the composition after eating. It will help restore a neutral environment in the oral cavity, which means that it is better to preserve teeth. However, at this time you should not chew it for too long so as not to force the digestion process – the food should be digested quietly.

A Training Composition Is Useful Not Only For Your Teeth

The use of the “teeth training composition” is not limited to a deep gum massage. Plaque disappears on the entire working surface, the teeth become smooth and shiny, stop sore. In parallel, the throat and nasopharynx are healed; it happens that a cold goes away, especially if it is just beginning. The movement of the jaws slightly masses the organs of hearing, thereby improving their performance.

Thanks to a good load on the masticatory muscles, blood supply to the brain is enhanced. This means that the “teeth training composition” can be useful as the prevention of strokes, it will also be useful at the recovery stage. And of course, when chewing the composition, bad breath disappears, the breath freshens. Therefore, regular use of it will not only relieve toothache, but also give fresh breath along with a snow-white smile – like movie stars.