Best tips for tooth sensitivity treatment

Tooth sensitivity treatment – is it difficult to do? Do sensitive teeth make it difficult for you to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or drink a glass of cold water in the heat? Have you given up sweets or sour foods so that a sharp toothache won’t bother you?

It’s about time to visit your dentist to discuss the possible causes of tooth sensitivity and an effective tooth sensitivity treatment

Why are my teeth sensitive all of a sudden?

WHO says every second person in the world suffers from tooth sensitivity to cold. In the United States, this is about the same – almost half of all Americans experience these unpleasant feelings.

While these symptoms are tolerable and are ignored, this is a sure sign that it is time to visit the dentist. Learn the causes of tooth hypersensitivity and find out about tooth sensitivity treatment.

The root of a healthy tooth is covered with cement and the crown is protected with enamel. Tooth sensitivity to cold is a consequence of exposure to the inner part of the tooth (the dentin).

The patient clearly identifies the sensitive tooth, but sometimes the pain extends to neighboring teeth, and less often the entire tooth row of teeth are affected. Hyperesthesia is one of the most common conditions, that’s why modern dentistry offers several types of tooth sensitivity treatment. Doctors distinguish three stages of hyperesthesia:

  • The first is tooth sensitivity to hot/cold;
  • The second stage is a reaction to changes in acidity: sweet, salty, or spicy;
  • Third – the teeth react to any irritation, including light touches.

Sometimes the patient experiences temporary tooth sensitivity after a whitening procedure or as a result of a dental filling. As a rule, the symptoms go away after a few days and there is no need to prescribe a tooth sensitivity treatment

How do you heal a sensitive tooth?

How do you stop sensitive teeth pain? Dentists offer several ways of tooth sensitivity treatment at home. However, you must remember that you cannot get rid of the problem quickly.

tooth sensitivity treatmentTo achieve an effective tooth sensitivity treatment, you must be under the supervision of a doctor.  All therapy must be prescribed by a professional dentist. Such doctors work at Sola Dental Spa, so you can safely make an appointment with the doctor.

The following procedures include several sensitive teeth remedies:

  • Ointments and gels;
  • Hyperesthesia mouthwashes;
  • Toothpaste for sensitive teeth;
  • Proper brushing. How you brush your teeth is very important. More than 60% of people who suffer from hyperesthesia got it from brushing their teeth improperly;
  • Change your diet if you think about “why do all my teeth hurt suddenly”. Try to eliminate irritants from your menu.

What causes sudden tooth sensitivity?

Hyperesthesia is a disease of middle age. Young people have stronger enamel. So, what causes sensitive teeth? There are several main causes of tooth sensitivity, based on which the tooth sensitivity treatment in Staten Island is chosen:

  • Mechanical damage to the enamel. It can occur if you like to chew on nuts and breadcrumbs or hold something in your teeth while working. It can also be caused by dental procedures (plaque removal). Sensitive teeth treatment takes into account the procedures the patient has undergone before.
  • A poorly balanced diet. The lack of calcium in the diet, excessive sweets, acidic foods, and fruit juices weaken the enamel.
  • Systemic diseases. Gastrointestinal and endocrine system pathologies lead to a deterioration of the mineral composition of enamel and increase the level of acidity in the oral cavity.
  • Failure to follow the rules of hygiene. Tooth sensitivity treatment may include dental cleaning. Removal of plaque and cleaning of interdental spaces must be done regularly and thoroughly to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Dental diseases. Dentin sensitivity is often the result of tooth decay, as well as separation of the gum from the tooth.
  • Whitening procedures. The use of aggressive whitening compositions has side effects, among which is the occurrence of hypersensitivity. Sensitive teeth treatment help to reduce this effect.

tooth sensitivity treatmentSymptoms may appear permanently or disappear for no apparent reason (remission period). You may wonder why do all my teeth hurt suddenly. This is due to the natural remineralization of the hard tissues of the tooth, which ensures the closure of the dentinal tubules. Do not forget to use sensitive tooth  remedy regularly to reduce tooth sensitivity. However, hyperesthesia may come back when exposed to acidic foods and drinks. Therefore, dental treatment for sensitive teeth excludes the intake of irritating food.

Can tooth sensitivity go away?

Most often, the front teeth react painfully to chewing, hot, cold, sour, and sweet foods. You should find the best dental treatment for sensitive teeth. In advanced cases, the enamel is completely destroyed, and the affected teeth have to be extracted.

The pain may disappear for a time. During this period, the person may eat irritating food with no punishment. But this is only temporary. The period of remission does not eliminate the need for sensitive teeth treatment.

Hypersensitivity of the teeth is not a verdict. With the right and timely sensitive teeth treatment, you can get rid of this problem. The main thing is not to ignore it.

The discomforttooth sensitivity treatment can be strong or weak, that’s why at Sola Dental Spa, the tooth sensitivity treatment is adapted individually. It depends on individual tolerance and physical and emotional factors.

In some cases, the symptoms may disappear on their own due to natural remineralization.

But symptoms may return after a while due to the destruction of the protective film by the acid of food and drinks, which explains the cyclical nature of the disease.

Ignoring the problem can lead to the development of various forms of acute or chronic pulpitis. That’s why it is necessary to visit a dentist immediately. He will tell you in detail what to do if your teeth have become sensitive and will prescribe a tooth sensitivity treatment.

Does Covid make your teeth sensitive?

After having COVID-19, people often experience problems with their teeth and mouth. Post-covid syndrome can be accompanied by a variety of symptoms. In particular, people who have had a coronavirus infection may experience certain oral diseases. Therefore, dental treatment for sensitive teeth must be effective and fast.

Coronavirus affects the microcirculation in the gums, this is taken into account when considering sensitive teeth treatment. Because of this, there is a massive influx of patients with stomatitis. Another problem faced by patients after COVID-19 is the long healing time of the gums after surgery.

The effects of COVID-19 are not yet fully understood, but it is safe to say that each person gets a different list of post-covid syndromes. Not everyone has hypersensitivity of the teeth, but sensitive teeth treatment can be prescribed for prevention. The more severe the disease was, the more likely complications will occur, and you should find the best tooth sensitivity treatment in Staten Island. In most cases, a few months after the disease, the symptoms disappear as the body gradually recovers. 

Do not forget that it is necessary to strengthen not only the bone tissues but also the gums. After all, the health of the oral cavity depends on its condition. The best thing to do in this situation is to visit a doctor at Sola Dental Spa, who will prescribe appropriate tooth sensitivity treatment based on the causes of the pathology and the overall condition of the patient’s oral cavity.