How painful is getting a dental implant?

dental implant painDid you know that the most common reason for refusing a visit to the dentist is the fear of pain? Certain procedures can’t help but be painful. Modern dentistry provides everything possible to minimize dental implant pain and other painful feelings.

If you are missing one or more teeth, but you dream of a beautiful and attractive smile, implant placement is what you are looking for. Don’t minimize the importance of a smile because our self-confidence depends on how we look.  But do teeth implants hurt?

Since dental implants are a surgical procedure, the healing period can be accompanied by some discomfort. It will pass with time. Patients often ask whether dental implants are painful. Everything depends not only on the characteristics of the patient’s body but also on the accuracy of the dentist. In our clinic, you can really feel like you’re in a spa, rather than at the dentist’s office. You may ask why? Because the patient’s comfort is a priority for us. You will visit the best dentist in the city, so be sure that any discomfort after crown placement on a dental implant will be minimized. It means that you will be able to smile broadly and return to normal life soon. So, what can you expect from this procedure and how much do implants hurt?

How painful is a tooth implant after surgery?

It’s normal to have throbbing pain after dental implant surgery. Even with minimally invasive implantation techniques, discomfort after the bone invasion is a normal reaction of the body. Our dentist works gently, so unpleasant feelings will only occur in the first few days after implantation. Most often, the patient begins to feel itching and burning a few hours after surgery (as the anesthesia wears off). 

discomfort after crown placed on dental implantCan pain also occur in other parts of the jaw? – Yes. Painful feelings are possible but don’t immediately put them on the list of bad ones. On average, dental implant pain lasts from 2-3 days to 1-2 weeks. Their duration and intensity depend on the complexity of the surgery and the number of implanted titanium rods.

Don’t forget that you will be in touch with your dentist for the whole period of rehabilitation after dental implantation. He will carefully study why you feel the discomfort after the crown is placed on the dental implant and prescribe you painkillers if necessary. At Sola Dental Spa, the dentist’s main goal is to minimize any pain patients may experience, as our priority is the patient’s comfort.

How long does the pain last after a dental implant?

Everything is individual, but most patients feel dental implant pressure pain. For this procedure every detail counts, including bone condition, pain threshold, and how many implants the patient needs. Sometimes, a tooth implant can be placed  right after a tooth extraction and the pain is gone the next day. For others they had four artificial roots installed at one time, and the discomfort after the crown was placed on dental implant lasted longer than three days. 

For a few days after surgery, there may be a rasping or aching, throbbing pain after dental implant. In some cases there may even be some bleeding and swelling of the mucosa. Sometimes in the first 2 to 3 days, you may feel a headache or sore throat. It is normal and usually goes away within 4-6 days. If after the first 2 weeks your implants hurt, and your temperature is still high you should visit your dentist. These symptoms are typical in case of infection, which can provoke rejection of the titanium root.

It is better to entrust the treatment plan to the dentist at Sola Dental Spa, who will conduct a thorough examination. The dentist will get to know why dental implant pains and make the necessary recommendations based on the clinical picture. 

How do you feel after a dental implant?

Immediately after the surgery, most patients feel some weakness and throbbing pain after dental implant. This is a consequence of the doctor’s manipulation and a lot of psychological tension. The jaw may be numb after the anesthesia. These symptoms disappear quickly, the same day.

For the first three hours you should avoid eating and then follow a sparing diet. For three days after surgery the area may swell and there may be possible pressure pain,  which is a natural process that follows surgery.

The implant procedure can significantly affect your ability to work during the first few days after surgery. It is best for patients to spend these days at home, in order to mobilize the body’s strength to heal the implant area and prevent the development of infectious inflammation. You can return to active exercise only two weeks after the placement of the implant. If dental implants are painful its high time to visit your dentist. Are dental implants suitable for everyone? Find out here, who is a good candidate for dental implants.


How can I reduce the pain after a dental implant?

Is there any way to influence the duration of the dental implant pain? It is important to follow all oral care recommendations like brushing, flossing, rinsing with antiseptic solutions after eating.

are dental implants painful?

You should also avoid alcohol and smoking while the artificial root is being integrated. If you can not give up smoking completely, at least minimize it or switch to electronic cigarettes. For the first 2-3 months it is recommended to monitor your diet and eat mostly fine, soft food. For 3-4 weeks you should eliminate cold and hot food and drinks from your menu.

An antibacterial drug will be prescribed which help to eliminate the discomfort after crown placed on dental implant strictly according to the schedule, in the appropriate dosage. By taking painkillers, you will not notice that dental implants are painful.

According to results published in a scientific journal, postoperative complications can occur in less than 2% of cases. In most cases, this is due to patients violating the recommendations and restrictions of the dentist.

We believe that careful preparation is the key to success in such a demanding procedure as a dental implant. A throbbing pain after dental implants is just a step on the road to the creation of an attractive smile. After all, the ideal artificial teeth should last a lifetime. That is why we pay maximum attention to examination, exclusion of contraindications and treatment planning. This helps to minimize dental implant pressure pain. So that the result is what both the doctor and the patient expect.

At Sola Dental Spa, we take every step necessary to provide the best experience.  Every patient feels like he is in a spa and not at the dentist’s office.  It is all thanks to our careful and sensitive attention to each patient because we know that feeling pain is not the most pleasant experience.