Permanent and temporary crown aftercare in Staten Island

crownsDental disease or loss due to injury is not a reason to give up a beautiful smile. Crowns can help restore your smile, but don’t forget about crown aftercare. They restore not only the aesthetics, but also the ability to chew food, but you should pay attention to tooth crown aftercare. The choice of technique and type of crown depends on the individual patient. And the lifetime of a crown depends on the aftercare for crowns.

At Sola Dental Spa clinic we choose crowns individually for every patient and tell all dental crown care instructions. Our doctors take into account all of your requirements, including the appearance of your prosthesis. One of the main principles of the clinic is the accessibility of care. Therefore, dentists also focus on the patient’s budget and the cost that is acceptable to the patient when choosing a crown.

All stages of the dental crown fabrication and placement is controlled by the dentist. This ensures the high quality and durability of the prosthesis. After the placement, the dentist gives detailed dental crown care instructions on how to wear and care for the crown.

What to do after getting crowns?

In general, the dental crown care instructions for any type of denture will be as follows:

  • Restrict drinks high in caffeine (tea, coffee) and coloring pigments (wine, beets),
  • Eating foods that are too hot or too cold can lead to cracks, chipping of the material and damage to its adhesion (fixation).
  • Although crowns are quite strong, you need to protect them from excessive strain – it is better to cut solid food in small pieces beforehand
  • it is advisable to avoid viscous and stringy foods.

A feeling of tumescence may occur after one or more crowns are placed. This is caused due to adaptation of the surrounding tissue. This resolves in a few hours and you should follow tooth crown aftercare.

Feeling of lack of space for the tongue and cheeks. Caused by the prolonged absence of one or more teeth, the habit of empty space. This is normal and will go away in a few days, but pay attention to your crown aftercare.

How long does a crown take to heal?

The recovery period after placement usually takes a few days. During this time, the patient is advised to be in bed and follow permanent crown aftercare. In each case, the doctor will prescribe painkillers and appropriate oral care.

tooth crown after careDuring the first 2-3 days, the patient experiences quite severe discomfort and pain, and the sensitivity of the teeth increases.

This is normal, because this is the way the body recovers from the intervention. The main thing is to follow the crown aftercare instructions clearly.

During the procedure, a local anesthetic may be used. It may last for several hours after the visit to the dentist. At this time, you need to be especially careful not to burn or bite yourself. 

The use of painkillers in the first week after the crown is normal, this is one part of tooth crown after care. You can certainly try to tolerate the pain, but the dentist will allow you to use pain medication if the discomfort or pain interferes with your lifestyle.

The first few days, patients get used to the crown in the mouth, but if over time the bite is not restored properly, it is a reason to see a doctor. You should also go to the dentist if the pain does not reduce after a week, but rather increases. It is bad if the patient feels uncomfortable after the crown is placed.

How long after a crown is cemented can I drink?

Depending on the type of crown and material, it is recommended that the patient refrains from drinking for at least the first 30 minutes after placement. It is very important to follow this rule and aftercare for crowns, because the correct fixation of the crown depends on it. This is enough time for the crown to set securely. It is preferably to drink only water, because any other drink may inadvertently cause harm (too hot or cold, a drink containing substances that may stain the crown, etc.). Please feel free to ask your doctor questions about crown aftercare instructions.

dental crown care instructionsDon’t be afraid to ask all your questions to the best dentist.

At Sola Dental Spa clinic patients will get all the necessary dental crown care instructions and the doctor will explain the most important aspects of post-crown care. 

The treatment involves the use of anesthesia – and it is very important that it completely clears up, otherwise you could injure your tongue or the inside of your cheeks when chewing.

After the placement of temporary crowns it is allowed to eat after 2-3 hours, as for crown aftercare instructions. However, in such a situation, it is strongly recommended not to strain the restored tooth and try to chew food on the other side – not only during the first period, but also during the entire period of wearing the temporary construction. It is not possible to put a pressure on such prostheses – they are not designed for it. So, please, be careful for tooth crown aftercare in Staten Island.

Can I brush my teeth after permanent crowns?

You should not be embarrassed by crowns or bridges in your mouth; you should follow dental crown care instructions as you did before:

  • Brush twice a day – in the morning and evening – with a toothbrush, using a vertical motion. Do it from the gums to the incisal edge of the tooth,
  • After each meal, tooth crown aftercare guide recommends to rinse your mouth with a special mouthwash or with warm water.

You should either avoid flossing altogether or use it excessively carefully if you have any dental prostheses in your mouth. Both your teeth and any dentures require good hygiene and good tooth crown aftercare. Once or twice a year, have your teeth cleaned by your dentist using ultrasound. But Air Flow is prohibited in the case of multiple crowns, because it contains abrasive particles.

Can I drink coffee after permanent crowns?

If you have just recently had a crown placed, or you are planning to have one placed, you are probably wondering if you can drink coffee after the procedure. In fact, there are no restrictions for patients but you should follow some dental crown care instructions.

crown aftercare instructionsAs with other foods and beverages, it is advisable to wait a couple of hours after the crown is placed. Then you can enjoy your coffee. However, you should not make it too hot, or conversely, drink too cold coffee. Your teeth will be sensitive after the crowns are placed, so the temperature regime should be respected. Ask your doctor about other restrictions that aftercare for crowns may imply.

However, dentists do not recommend adding milk to coffee, as this can contribute to discoloration of the crown. In the other case, the patient does not have any restrictions, he should follow basic crown aftercare

What can you not do after getting a crown?

The most important step in tooth crown aftercare in Staten Island is the first days after the placement of temporary and permanent crowns. The main recommendations and dental crown care instructions for this period are:

  • Do not eat for 2-3 hours after the procedure;
  • Avoid eating sticky, viscous, stiff foods;
  • In the first few days, if possible, do not strain the crown. Do not use it for chewing, chew with the other side of the jaw;
  • Limit food and drinks that contain coloring pigments;
  • Avoid eating food that is too hot or too cold.

All of the above items are basic crown aftercare instructions and you can ask your dentist at the clinic for an individual list.

Crowns and dentures have been proven to retain their function and natural appearance longer if a patient follows tooth crown aftercare instructions. Each crown or denture has a lifespan and only with proper hygiene and good aftercare for crowns it can lasts for years. If you don’t want to replace your crowns often, follow your dentist’s recommendations for tooth crown aftercare!