Zoom teeth whitening aftercare. Instructions and tips

zoom teeth whitening aftercareThe method of Zoom teeth whitening is to apply a special whitening gel to the surface of the enamel and use an LED lamp. However, without proper zoom teeth whitening aftercare the effect may be minimal, so it is desirable to follow the doctor’s recommendations. 

Under the influence of heat, active oxygen is released from the gel, which breaks down the pigment. The procedure combines maximum effectiveness, whitens teeth up to 4-8 shades without damaging tooth enamel or dentin. Zoom teeth whitening is harmless, painless and has minimum complications. With a proper Zoom whitening aftercare the effect will last for years, and you will have a white smile.

What should you not do after whitening? Zoom teeth whitening aftercare tips

The first time after the professional teeth whitening, the sensitivity of the hard tooth tissues increases, therefore avoid foods that are irritating (too cold, hot, sweet, and sour).

Zoom teeth whitening aftercare also means avoiding strong colored foods (black coffee, strong tea, beets, spinach, carrots, berries, carbonated drinks, red wine, etc.), they can change the color of enamel.

Zoom whitening after care instructions include the following tips:

  • Avoid eating foods containing colorings.
  • For two days after the treatment, you should stop smoking completely, preferably after that, reduce the use of tobacco to a minimum.
  • Proper oral hygiene: a soft toothbrush, toothpaste with calcium and minimal abrasivity, dental floss, if possible, irrigator.

These simple zoom aftercare instructions will help you maintain your whitening results for years to come.

Should you brush your teeth after Zoom whitening?

Since the first few weeks the gums and dental tissues become more sensitive and weakened, you should follow special zoom whitening after care instructions:

  • zoom teeth whitening aftercareChange brushes. Bacteria accumulate on the brush bristles over time, so it is recommended to change it once every three months. This should be done immediately after the whitening procedure. You should buy a brush with soft bristles, and after a few weeks, replace it with a stiffer one.
  • Mouthwashes. Be sure to rinse your mouth with clean water or mouthwashes after meals.

To ensure that your teeth are always white and healthy, you need to undergo professional oral hygiene and dental check-up at the dentist once every six months. At home follow all zoom aftercare instructions and don’t ignore doctor’s recommendations.

Should I brush my teeth after every meal? What do zoom whitening after care instructions say about this? There is no need for that, and, in fact, brushing too often can even be harmful. Some people brush their teeth five to six times a day with whitening toothpastes and don’t realize that they’re doing their teeth significant harm. It is better to ask your doctor about the zoom aftercare instructions and follow them strictly.

Do teeth continue to whiten after zoom?

Each person reacts in a different way to Zoom technology, so the degree of teeth whitening will vary from case to case. One of the important requirements is to follow the zoom whitening after care instructions. Some people already see significant changes after 1-2 visits – their teeth are 5-7 shades whiter, while other patients cannot boast of such a successful result. But do teeth continue to whiten after zoom? This is a very interesting question that patients often ask us.

zoom teeth whiteningAfter the completion of ZOOM whitening, a slight brightening of the tooth enamel may occur in the first two weeks. The patient should not ignore the zoom aftercare instructions. This is due to certain processes until the permanent color of the enamel is fixed. Using a home tooth whitening kit and a good zoom whitening aftercare you can achieve better results, because the impact on the teeth will be maximum, and the enamel will gradually become lighter.

The main thing is to follow zoom aftercare instructions and avoid drinks and food that can contribute to staining the enamel. Otherwise, the effect of ZOOM whitening may be reduced to zero, since tooth enamel is a kind of sponge that absorbs everything.

How long should I wait to eat after Zoom whitening?

With professional whitening, you can lighten your tooth enamel up to 10-12 shades. And it is without any negative impact on your teeth. After whitening, the results you achieve can be maintained for three years or even longer.

Don’t forget to follow the zoom whitening aftercare. But in some situations, patients ask for a second procedure a year later.

The reason for this is most often bad zoom whitening aftercare and non-compliance with basic dental care recommendations.

We recommend avoiding eating for at least 3 hours after the completion of the dental enamel whitening process. It is extremely important to give up colored products during this period. In general, even after that, it is recommended to stick to the so-called “white diet”, that is, to minimize foods containing colorings.

Following these dietary rules is recommended for at least 7 days after whitening. If necessary, you can follow these rules for a little longer.

How soon after Zoom Can I drink coffee? Can I drink water after Zoom whitening?

Since patients must follow a “white” diet after teeth whitening, you can drink water and. Yogurt is allowed to be added to the diet on the 3rd-4th day, following zoom aftercare instructions. And only if it is without coloring agents, including berry or fruit. The drink should not be cold or hot. It is strictly forbidden to drink coffee and tea. The prohibition on coffee and tea extends to 14-20 days.

Fruit and vegetable juices, morses and carbonated drinks are forbidden for up to two weeks. The diet after teeth whitening eliminates colored alcoholic drinks for up to two weeks, and colorless alcohol may not be drunk for 3-4 days.

Patients often ask what zoom whitening aftercare guide says about coffee and tea, when they may drink coffee after teeth whitening. You can drink a cup of flavored drink no sooner than two days after the procedure. But in general, it is better to reduce the amount of coffee you drink if you want to keep your teeth white for a long time. Zoom aftercare instructions say that this drink stains enamel. If you can’t deny yourself a cup of coffee in the morning, drink it through a straw. Be sure to brush your teeth afterwards to minimize the negative impact on the enamel color.

The good thing about the Zoom 4 whitening system is that it only takes one visit to the dentist to achieve the desired effect. On average, the effect of the procedure lasts three to seven years. Note, that each whitening case is different, so these terms are approximate. Zoom whitening aftercare helps you to prolong this effect as long as possible.